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The Norm ShowThe Norm Show premiered on ABC on March 24, 1999 as The Norm Show, changing its name to Norm for the second season. The series is about Norm Henderson, a professional hockey player. Norm liked to gamble and not pay taxes and ended up being thrown out of hockey for life. Facing a possible jail term, Norm was instead sentenced to community service as a social worker. Laurie is Norm's co-worker and best friend. With Norm's help, Laurie learns that it's okay to sometimes bend the rules. And with Laurie's help, Norm learns that there are actually times that the system does work.

Norm Henderson
Norm MacDonald
Laurie Metcalf
Ian Gomez
Artie Lange
Nikki Cox
Season 1 (1998-1999)
10 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Norm And The Prototype (Original Air Date 3/24/1999)
  2. Norm Dates A Client (Original Air Date 3/31/1999)
  3. Norm Dates Danny's Dad (Original Air Date 4/7/1999)
  4. While You Weren't Sleeping (Original Air Date 4/14/1999)
  5. My Name Is Norm (Original Air Date 4/21/1999)
  6. The New Boss (Original Air Date 4/28/1999)
  7. Denby's Kid (Original Air Date 5/5/1999)
  8. Drive, Norm Said (Original Air Date 5/12/1999)
  9. Norm, Crusading Social Worker (Original Air Date 5/19/1999)
  10. Norm's Coach (Original Air Date 5/26/1999)
Season 2 (1999-2000)
20 Episodes In Season 2
  1. Norm vs. Love (Original Air Date 9/22/1999)
  2. Norm Pimps Wiener Dog (Original Air Date 9/29/1999)
  3. Artie Comes To Town (Original Air Date 10/6/1999)
  4. Norm vs. Death (Original Air Date 10/13/1999)
  5. Norm And Shelly In Love (Original Air Date 10/20/1999)
  6. Laurie Runs For Office (Original Air Date 10/27/1999)
  7. Norm And Shelly (Original Air Date 11/3/1999)
  8. Gambling Man (Original Air Date 11/10/1999)
  9. Norm vs. Norm (Original Air Date 11/17/1999)
  10. Norm vs. Denby (Original Air Date 11/24/1999)
  11. Norm vs. The Boxer (Original Air Date 12/1/1999)
  12. Norm vs. Christmas (Original Air Date 12/15/1999)
  13. Norm vs. The Evil Twin (Original Air Date 1/5/2000)
  14. Norm vs. The Oldest Profession (Original Air Date 1/19/2000)
  15. Norm vs. Jenny (Original Air Date 1/26/2000)
  16. Norm vs. Fitz (Original Air Date 2/9/2000)
  17. Norm vs. The Wedding (Original Air Date 2/16/2000)
  18. Norm vs. Fear (Original Air Date 3/1/2000)
  19. Retribution (Original Air Date 3/8/2000)
  20. Laurie Loses It (Original Air Date 3/15/2000)
Season 3 (2000-2001)
24 Episodes In Season 3
  1. Norm vs. The Sacrifice (Original Air Date 10/3/2000)
  2. Secret Crush (Original Air Date 10/6/2000)
  3. Taylor Leaves (Original Air Date 10/13/2000)
  4. The Norm Law (Original Air Date 10/20/2000)
  5. Norm vs. Halloween (Original Air Date 10/27/2000)
  6. Norm And The Hopeless Cause (Original Air Date 11/3/2000)
  7. Norm vs. Youth, Part 1 (Original Air Date 11/10/2000)
  8. Norm vs. Youth, Part 2 (Original Air Date 11/24/2000)
  9. Norm vs. Tennis (Original Air Date 12/1/2000)
  10. Norm vs. The Kid (Original Air Date 12/8/2000)
  11. Norm vs. Schooling (Original Air Date 12/15/2000)
  12. Norm vs. Freud (Original Air Date 1/5/2001)
  13. Norm vs. Dad (Original Air Date 1/12/2001)
  14. Denby Quits (Original Air Date 1/26/2001)
  15. Norm Lets Go (Original Air Date 2/2/2001)
  16. Norm vs. Danny And Shelly (Original Air Date 2/9/2001)
  17. Norm And Weiner Dog vs. Fatherhood (Original Air Date 2/16/2001)
  18. Norm vs. Homelessness (Original Air Date 2/23/2001)
  19. Norm Is Fat (Original Air Date 3/2/2001)
  20. Norm vs. Deception (Original Air Date 3/9/2001)
  21. Norm vs. Cuba (Original Air Date 3/16/2001)
  22. Norm's Free (Original Air Date 3/23/2001)
  23. Norm Comes Back (Original Air Date 3/30/2001)
  24. Norm vs. Shelly's Old Flame (Original Air Date 4/6/2001)
  • The Norm Show: The Complete Series
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