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Opportunity Knocks EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Gutierrez Family
    Fun-loving parents Walter and Patty Gutierrez from Torrance, California and two of their children, Lucas, 13 and Alexis, 12, are asked trivia questions based directly on their lives, each other and articles in and around their home. If they prove they know their family inside and out - in front of all their friends and neighbors they could win thousands of dollars and amazing prizes. The family will also be given interactive challenges where the TV camera is taken directly into their home. The clock will be ticking as the Gutierrez family face a variety of tests - ranging from Lucas naming the cheerleading move that Alexis practices, to Patty remembering the grade her son was in from a photo she passes every day, to Walter discovering which of his gifts to his wife was her least favorite the 1980s style dress, the electric blanket, a leather jacket or the jellybean print pajamas? With the correct answer, he could win big. Whatever the outcome, the biggest reward will be the experience they share as a family, the opportunity to bring a neighborhood together and the bonds that will be strengthened.

  • The Laut Family
    For the chance to win a family cruise and tickets to a taping of "Hannah Montana," host JD Roth quizzes the Laut family from Lakewood, California. Highlights include mother Rebecca identifying which umpires she is known to heckle at the Pony League games of her 12-year old son, Aaron; 8-year old Megan is asked if she can remember her brother's slogan from his run for student body president; and Aaron tries to remember the score of a big televised football game that caused his father, Don, to run out into the street whooping and hollering - while wearing his pajamas. For that answer, legendary ABC sportscaster Keith Jackson provides some humorous play-by-play.

  • The Vomvos Family
    College student Tinamarie and her 13-year-old brother, Joey, will join their parents and try to successfully answer questions such as: Can you translate your two-year-old brother's baby talk? How do you spell Verrazano (as in the Verrazano Bridge)? Can Chris suffer through his wife naming the one item of his that she'd like to throw out? Will New York Yankee fan Joey win a private tour to the team's new stadium, given by a Yankee legend? Additional prizes the family could win include a Mediterranean cruise, a deluxe lawnmower and tickets to a Taylor Swift concert.

  • The Haag Family
    Bob and Valerie Haag met as teenagers in their hometown of North Arlington, New Jersey. They had a Big Fat Greek Wedding and raised their daughters, Christina, 12 and Melissa, 10, in their hometown because of the strong sense of community there. The family will find out how well they know each other and vie for such dream prizes as a trip to Greece, a $10,000 shopping spree, a one-of-a-kind motorcycle and a trip to a real Hollywood red carpet extravaganza for "High School Musical 3".

  • The Washburn Family
    For a family vacation to Ireland, Kelly Washburn must correctly identify the girls with whom his daughter performs Irish jig dances. Other highlights include the mother, Vicki, taking a trip back to the future when she has to pick out husband Kelly's former high school girlfriend. Also, 11-year-old daughter Miranda is blindfolded and asked which of three "Cock-a-doodle-doos!" is her little sister's annoying wake up call, and 12-year-old Bonnie has to race inside the house and track down the shirt that her sister constantly "borrows".
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