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One Way OutOne Way Out  premiered on DISC on January 26, 2009. For One Way Out, Jonathan Goodwin approaches each escape with a theory in mind and an audacious stunt to back it up. For example, in order to test what the body can do with minimal movement, he has himself locked inside a box on top of a shaking washing machine with his body covered in 200,000 agitated bees. In order to illustrate how the force of spinning affects the body, Jonathan attempts to escape from a locked barrel pushed down a large hill and rolling at 126 revolutions per minute. Next, he tests his ability to maintain focus as he is spun on a chair at incredible speeds and has to then navigate barefoot through piles of broken glass. Finally, he straps on the Water Wheel of Doom and experiences two G's of force on his body. And to explore the science and the pain associated with projectiles; Jonathan is chained in a standing position as six tennis ball cannons pummel his body with balls flying at 45mph. He then tests his ability to jump into just 17 inches of water, mud and hay from a height of almost 20 feet. To finish it off, he becomes a human projectile himself by getting placed in a giant slingshot and launched over 65 feet in the air.

Jonathan Goodwin
Mikey Nelson
Terry Stroud
Season 1 (2008-2009)
(? Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Bee Stung Brit (Original Air Date 1/26/2009)
  2. Ice Trap (Original Air Date 1/26/2009)
  3. Long Way Down (Original Air Date 2/2/2009)
  4. Dizzy Limit (Original Air Date 2/2/2009)
  5. Human Catapult (Original Air Date 2/9/2009)
  6. Buried Alive (Original Air Date 2/16/2009)
  7. BMX Bounce
  8. Trial By Fire
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