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Pushing Daisies

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Operation WildOperation Wild  premiered on PLG on January 8, 2010. Members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission invite you to join them for the ride as they defend against the many ecological threats facing our planet's future. See environmental crime enforcement like you've never seen it before. Watch as the FWC rolls out specialized equipment and a team of highly trained law enforcers who will wage a war against reckless citizens who abuse and threaten Florida's natural preserves. They respond to calls for service where wildlife and humans intersect, often with tragic consequences. They observe unique methods of enforcing wildlife and natural resource laws that will show an extraordinary side to criminal investigations that occur in oceans, lakes, forests and greenways. Witness the interactions with people who make irrational and illegal use of Florida's natural areas including drunks, recreational drug users, organized criminals and host of other personalities you can only find in these often secluded natural environments.

Season 1 (2009-2010)
(6 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Lobster Fever (Original Air Date 1/8/2010)
  2. Don't Feed The Alligators (Original Air Date 1/15/2010)
  3. Pythons, Gators & Grizzlies, Oh, My! (Original Air Date 1/22/2010)
  4. Shots Fired! (Original Air Date 1/29/2010)
  5. Gators, Guns And Cowboy Hats (Original Air Date 2/5/2010)
  6. The Art Of The Search (Original Air Date 2/12/2010)
Season 2 (2010-2011)
(10 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. FWC: Back In Action (Original Air Date 11/5/2010)
  2. Oil & Water (Original Air Date 11/5/2010)
  3. Lobster Mobsters (Original Air Date 11/12/2010)
  4. Robo-Deer (Original Air Date 11/12/2010)
  5. Rookies On Patrol (Original Air Date 11/19/2010)
  6. Timing Is Everything (Original Air Date 12/3/2010)
  7. Size Doesn't Matter (Original Air Date 12/10/2010)
  8. Deep Undercover (Original Air Date 12/17/2010)
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