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Pushing Daisies

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Make It Or Break It EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Friends Close, Enemies Closer
    After going rogue in the Season One finale and competing against the Chinese National Team - defying direct orders from the head of the U.S. Gymnastics National Committee - The Rock girls are at the top of their game. But as the National Committee starts to pick which team members get to go to France to compete in the next meet, Kaylie, Emily and Lauren are not as confident as Sasha of their inclusion on the team. And now that Payson is back, she's determined to get back to her place as the #1 U.S. gymnast and to get to France as well. But is she really ready? And with Payson back in the game, what does that mean for the other girls at The Rock for their national rankings?

  • All Or Nothing
    After being allowed back on the U.S. National Team, the girls head to France where everything is left on the mat in order to get one step closer to achieving their dream. With cockiness, jealousy, sabotage and self-doubt at an all-time high, as well as Ellen Beals constantly looming over the girls, the pressure is almost too much to bear. For Kaylie and Lauren, the bickering continues, while Emily pines for Damon and Payson puts her Olympic future on the line. Will Emily be able to have it all - gymnastics and the boy she loves? And will Payson be able to defy the odds and qualify for the National Team?

  • Battle Of The Flexes
    When the men's Olympic champion, Austin Tucker, begins temporary training at the Rock, egos clash when he tries to move the girls' equipment. To settle the matter between the male and female athletes, Sasha decides the two must compete for gym space, but there is a catch - the girls must perform on the men's apparatuses and vice versa. With Payson unsure about her future in the gymnastics world, Kaylie, Emily and Lauren are forced to face the men on their own. Will they be able to beat the boys and have the gym they made famous remain theirs? And will Payson choose to fight for her dream or leave the sport that destroyed her, forever?

  • And the Rocky Goes To...
    The Rock gears up for the annual awards banquet dinner, The Rocky Awards, and Lauren is determined to win the Miss Congeniality award the best way she knows how - with bribery and cheating. But even after all the free smoothies, barrettes and massages, will Lauren get her way or will she be usurped by a silent but strong contender - Emily? Meanwhile, both Payson and Emily go to extremes to achieve seemingly unattainable goals.

  • I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me
    With World tryouts in the near future, Sasha pushes the girls to better their already difficult floor routines. During what should be a time to focus, Lauren instead finds herself looking to Carter to say the "L" word, while at the same time trying to one-up Emily. Lauren is not the only one facing challenges - Kaylie faces struggles on and off the mat, while Payson wonders if she can ever be the graceful flower Sasha envisions her being. Will the girls be able to come up with the routines to put them on top, or will the cattiness and difficulties finally take their toll on the Rock girls?

  • Party Gone Out Of Bounds
    With World tryouts only a few weeks away, Sasha gives the girls a much needed day off to rest their bodies before boot camp begins. To his knowledge, that is exactly what the girls intend to do, until Austin tempts them with an invitation to his lake house party. With Lauren, Emily and Payson looking to have some fun, Kaylie must put her foot down to ensure the girls remain focused on gymnastics. But to what lengths will Kaylie go to ensure her teammates obey the rules? And will she be able to resist the pull of an exciting party and an attractive gymnast suitor?

  • What Are You Made Of?
    Now that the World's team tryout is only two weeks away, this last National practice becomes crucial for Kaylie, Lauren and Emily. Not only do they need to show the National Committee what they're made of, they also need to downplay the rebel persona that now plagues them. In addition, Ellen Beals is determined to make this practice as unpleasant as possible. Will the girls persevere through the intense few days, or will their chances of impressing the committee slip through their fingers?

  • Rock Bottom
    After a rough National Team practice, the girls must deal with the outcome. Thrown by the truth behind Emily's scholarship, both the Tanners and the Kmetkos must deal with the outcome of two very angry girls and two adults who are no longer sure they can trust each other. And when information surfaces about Lauren's relationship with Carter, could that secret be the nail in the coffin for Chloe and Steve? And with the true identity of the Kipman Group out there, will Emily be willing to swallow her pride and accept the money to keep her dream alive? Meanwhile, Austin takes notice of Kaylie and isn't sure he likes what he sees.

  • If Only...
    Payson and Emily each made rash decisions - one fueled by teen hormones and the other by desperation - and in the morning both girls must face what they've done. Can the two put the embarrassment behind them and focus on their gymnastics, or did one of them finally cross a line that she can't come back from? Meanwhile, as Kaylie tries harder to hide her condition, more people start to take notice.

  • At The Edge Of The Worlds
    As the girls head into their toughest challenge yet, their worlds begin the crumble. And leading the charge to make sure the girls don't make it onto the US World's gymnastic team is Ellen Beals. But it isn't just Ellen's quest to dominate The Rock that's testing the girls' wills. Lauren is dealing - or not dealing - with the news about her mother; Kaylie can no longer ignore the things she has put her body through; Emily must face a possible delinquent future and Payson is still reeling from her embarrassing spur of the moment actions. Can The Rock girls once again put great challenges behind them and show the world that they're the best - or is this finally too much for the girls to overcome?

  • At The Edge Of The Worlds
    The girls lean on each other as they align against an adversary in the wake of World tryouts.

  • Free People
    When new coach Darby Conrad arrives at The Rock with a no-rules policy and a penchant for meditation, Payson and Emily are initially skeptical about Darby's plans for the gym. However, when Damon returns to Boulder, Emily realizes that the lack of rules could work in her favor. But Emily's joy is short-lived when she learns the NGO has other plans to keep her career on track. With Kaylie in rehab for her eating disorder, Lauren's ambitions of becoming team captain are put on hold when Darby decides that Lauren and Payson must compete for the honor. But with no set rules or guidelines and Lauren determined to get her way, will this new coach be the undoing of the gym and the girls' dreams for World domination? Meanwhile, Kaylie's excitement over leaving rehab is short-lived when she is informed that her health must be her top priority and she cannot return to gymnastics.

  • The Buddy System
    When Coach Darby decides the best way to build mutual respect is for the girls to learn each other's routines, everyone is convinced it's a waste of time. Paired with Lauren, her polar opposite in every way, Payson has trouble mirroring the sexy and sassy aspects to Lauren's beam routine. Not about to let Lauren get the best of her, Payson turns to an unlikely source for help and learns a few things about herself along the way. Elsewhere at the Rock, Emily struggles with her gymnastics ambitions and her desire to be a normal teenager. Meanwhile, Kaylie still refuses to admit that she has an eating disorder and is determined to get back to the Rock by all means necessary. Will her plan succeed, or will a shocking turn of events change everything?

  • Life Or Death
    With the Hungary invitational only two weeks away, the girls should be at the top of their game. But when Darby arranges a meet against the worst-ranked club in the country in a misguided attempt to build team confidence, the girls feel their dreams of winning Worlds slip further away. As tension rises in the gym, Darby is more concerned with being everyone's friend than preparing the team for the upcoming meet. With the competition rapidly approaching, Darby's decisions could have dire consequences for Payson, Emily and the entire team. Meanwhile, Kaylie struggles with the news about Maeve and leans on Damon for emotional support. As the NGO continues to keep Emily and Damon apart, how will Emily feel when she realizes her boyfriend and Kaylie have grown closer?

  • Hungary Heart
    After the disastrous meet with the Pinewood Gymnastics Club, The Rock's confidence is at an all-time low. As the team travels to the East Euro meet in Budapest, Hungary, Payson realizes that the only way the team will succeed at Worlds is to convince Sasha Belov to return as their coach. But when Payson, Emily and Lauren finally find Sasha in the most unlikely of places, he clearly is not pleased to see them. Will the girls be able to convince him to come back before time runs out, or did they put their entire futures on the line for nothing? Meanwhile, Kaylie continues to come to terms with her anorexia as she learns more about her identity separate from the world of gymnastics.

  • Requiem For A Dream
    As an elite gymnast, Emily's life has always been dictated by her sport. With everything she's worked so hard for in jeopardy, she needs the support of her friends and family more than ever. But between Payson's anger at Emily for breaking the rules, Sasha's investment in her career and Kaylie's unexpected confession, Emily realizes there might be more to life than gymnastics. Further complicating matters, she learns that the NGO officially reinstated her to the U.S. World team, forcing her to make a decision about her future sooner than she would like. As Emily makes the toughest decision of her life, will she do what everyone expects, or will she find the courage to follow her heart? Meanwhile, Summer struggles with her residual feelings for Sasha as she tries to build a life with Steve and Lauren.

  • To Thine Own Self Be True
    After six weeks away from the world of gymnastics, Kaylie is understandably anxious as she returns to The Rock and prepares for the upcoming World's competition. But when a concerned Sasha informs Kaylie that she won't be going to World's, Kaylie feels her Olympic dreams slipping further away. To make matters worse, Kelly Parker has taken Emily's place on the team and is determined to make sure that her best friend, Tessa, also goes to World's. Will Kaylie be able to prove to herself and to Sasha that she deserves a chance to compete, or will Sasha's fears about her recovery be too much to overcome? Meanwhile, Summer must deal with Lauren's enthusiasm for the wedding while she tries to find the courage to tell Sasha about her engagement.

  • Dog Eat Dog
    A coveted final spot on the World's team brings out everyone's competitive nature, and Kelly's mom adds even more tension by instigating trouble.

  • What Lies Beneath
    The World's competition in Rio de Janeiro is fast approaching, yet the team is preoccupied by everything but gymnastics: Lauren fights for Max's attention while simultaneously trying to keep her involvement in Sasha's resignation a secret; Payson finds the perfect solution to her family's financial problems, with potentially costly consequences; and Kelly must choose between pleasing her mother and being a loyal teammate. Even Sasha is distracted by his feelings for Summer and news of her impending wedding. Through it all, team captain Kaylie tries to keep the peace among her teammates while growing increasingly uncomfortable with lying to the public about her anorexia -- not only is keeping such a huge secret hurting her recovery, but it's also affecting her gymnastics.

  • Worlds Apart
    When the team arrives in Rio, things go from bad to worse when the girls crumble under the seemingly insurmountable pressure. As the pettiness and in-fighting grow out-of-control, will Coach Belov be able to convince his team to believe in themselves and each other before it's too late, or will the girls have to kiss their medal aspirations goodbye?
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