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Pit Bulls And Parolees EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Return To The Ranch
    A rescue call about two puppies loose in a trucking yard sends Tia and new parolee Joe on a seek and find mission. And a surprise call to Tania brings former parolee Jake back to the ranch, forcing Tia to decide whether or not to take him back.

  • A Battle Of Wills
    After a teenager is attacked by a group of pit bulls, Tia finds herself thrust into a rescue mission to save an innocent pit bull caught up in the media storm.

  • A Final Verdict
    With more dogs arriving every week, and husband AJ heading to trial, an exhausted Tia struggles to maintain control at Villalobos.

  • A Fighting Chance
    Tia is touched by a heartfelt adoption application from a former prisoner turned mixed martial arts fighter. The plea sends Tania and Mariah on an adoption road trip to Montana, testing them in a way they never expected.

  • Devastation
    Tia travels with her son to New Orleans, where a dog rescued during Hurricane Katrina is slated to be adopted. While there, Tia saves a stray during a lightning storm. Back at Villalobos, the parolees deal with an onslaught of rattlesnakes.

  • Beware Of Dog
    A plea for help compels Tia to deal with an out-of-control pit bull, leaving the owner grappling with a heart wrenching life or death decision. And, with no kennel space left at Villalobos, parolee Cameron persuades Tia to join him on a wild rescue.

  • Breaking Point
    Tia seeks an adoptive home for a pit bull with a unique appearance. Meanwhile, one of the parolees is slacking on the job, which angers the rest of the crew.

  • Mission Of Mercy
    Tia's daughters go to New Orleans, where a pit bull that had been tied to a post for days was rescued; Tia saves a hurt pit bull from the side of a highway; and parolee Cameron makes a big decision.

  • Swarm
    Villalobos is invaded by a swarm of bees, and Tia is faced with the costs of having the hive removed. When Mariah & Tania suggest throwing a fundraiser for the ranch to help cover the costs, Tia tells the girls that they're on their own and hopes for the best.

  • Trial By Fire
    Tia's worst nightmares come true, when a wildfire burns dangerously close to Villlalobos, forcing her and the parolees to evacuate the nearly 200 dogs from the ranch. Taking the fire as a sign, Tia investigates a new potential property for the rescue.

  • Life In The Spotlight
    Tia follows-up on the most memorable moments of the past year, and looks ahead to life beyond the second season and the challenges that await her as she prepares to move.

  • The Next Chapter
    Tia prepares to move to a new facility.
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