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Pushing Daisies

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Pit Bulls And Parolees EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Judgement Day
    Tia's moving plans hit a roadblock, and the staff experiences an emotional reunion.

  • Prison Break
    Two parolees are sent to Texas to rescue a pair of pit bulls that were injured in an encounter with a porcupine.

  • New Blood
    A recent hire wastes little time jeopardizing his shot at redemption; the center gets bad news concerning one dog's chance of being adopted.

  • Trapped
    A difficult rescue mission might make Tia miss Armando's wedding.

  • Southern Uprising
    A trip to the South includes helping an army veteran with a new litter of puppies; and a hunt for an injured dog in Jackson, Miss.

  • Heart Broken
    A pit bull and her puppies must be rescued from an abandoned home; Tia's daughter has a difficult choice to make when her dog's health worsens.

  • Burn Out
    A parolee goes off track, forcing Tia to make a hard choice; a short-term home is needed for a dog whose owners' home was ravaged by a fire.

  • Pushing The Limits
    Three roommates contact Tia about adopting a pit bull who can fit in with their extreme, fast-paced lifestyles. And, the parolees are sent running for cover when they uncover three beehives.

  • Cut Loose
    Tia, Mariah, the twins and the parolees launch a massive rescue effort to track down a pit bull and her puppies that have been dumped in the Mojave Desert.

  • Path Of Destruction
    After a tornado rips through the heart of Alabama, Tia and Tania head south to help a devastated dog-rescue pick up the pieces. Meanwhile, back at Villalobos, Mariah oversees her first solo puppy adoption when a young couple visit the ranch.

  • Don't Blow It
    Tia gives each of the parolees an opportunity to pursue their dreams, but for Bryan the path is more rocky and could end in disaster. Then, a pit bull rescued from the streets of Jackson, MS steals a potential adopters's heart.

  • End Of The Road
    While in Georgia, Tia comes face to face with one of the most shocking rescues of her career. And a surprise animal control inspection leaves the future of Villalobos hanging in the balace.
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