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Pit Bulls And Parolees EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • New Orleans, Here We Come
    It's a whole new world for Tia, her family, the parolees, and most importantly, her pitbulls, when they packs up their lives ahd moves across country to New Orleans. But the move is only the first of many challenges Tia faces.

  • Face Off
    Tia meets a family of eight looking to adopt a new dog after losing theirs to cancer. Then, a rescue-call takes Tia and her daughter Tania into New Orlean's infamous ninth ward to face off with a snarling, sick dog.

  • A Gift From Heaven
    A request for help turns tragic when Tia and her daughter Mariah reach out to help a man care for two dogs he rescued. Then, a voluteer at Villalobos steps up to adopt a dog with an unusual past.

  • Ghost Dog
    After evading Tia for weeks, an elusive pit bull is saved from drowning in a canal by a young girl, and now she needs Tia's help. Then, with the arrival of 20 new puppies, Villalobos' pit bull population explodes, and Tia needs to hire another parolee.

  • Saving Prada
    Tia, Tania and newest parolee Randy race to Nashville to rescue a dog from death row. With Tia away, Mariah battles a storm that threatens to flood Villalobos. Finally, one of the puppies rescued from the ninth ward has a chance at finding a forever home.

  • Swamped
    Tia and the twins board a boat to rescue a dog abandoned in a swamp outside New Orleans. Meanwhile, a young parolee is stressed out by work and parenthood.

  • Trapped Below
    A mother and her puppies are in distress and require a dangerous rescue mission; Tia is shocked by one of her most loyal parolee's future plans.

  • Band Of Brothers
    The Villalobos crew are devastated by Chong's cancer diagnosis, but Tia and the twins try to make the best of a sad situation.

  • Boiling Point
    The heat rises and tempers flare in New Orleans when Tia clashes with a new parolee over allegations of laziness; a rescue dog has a chance for a new home.

  • Buried Alive
    The NBA's Zach Randolph tells Tia about a dog that was rescued in Memphis after being trapped in a drainpipe for days. Back in New Orleans, a puppy rescued in the 9th Ward is prepared for adoption.

  • Freedom Fighters
    Tia gets an anonymous tip about dogs in danger, but they may be part of a dogfighting ring; a pit bull could have a new home as long as it can get along with another pet.

  • A Family Affair
    New arrivals at Villalobos overcrowd the kennels after a friend of Mariah's passes away; a family hope to adopt four dogs, but it requires a trip back to California.

  • Making Miracles
    A very sick dog is rescued by Tania and Tia on a New Orleans street; Chong's health deteriorates; Tia helps with a long-distance adoption in New York City.

  • Storm On The Horizon
    The approach of hurricane season has Villalobos on high alert. Meanwhile, Mariah, Kanani and Keli'i try to track down the owner of a dog lost during Hurricane Katrina; and Rico helps his grandparents when they adopt a shy dog.

  • Storm Surge
    Hurricane Isaac in August 2012 creates havoc in New Orleans and poses new dangers for Villalobos, especially when the evacuation location floods.
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