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Pit Bulls And Parolees EpisodesSeason 5    

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  • Out Of The Dark
    Tia visits a prison that runs its own dog program, and hires an inmate as part of a work-release program. Meanwhile, a pit bull must be rescued after falling 40 feet into a gator-infested pump station; and a man wants to adopt a dog after his pit bull was shot and killed in front of him.

  • Shell Shocked
    Tia helps a San Diego family with a special-needs teen adopt a dog; and wonders if two pit bulls can share a home with a 75-lb. tortoise. Meanwhile, Tania is tasked with saving 10 dogs dying of starvation; and rescuing a possibly pregnant pit bull from a trailer park.

  • Pitch Black
    A midnight rescue sends Tia, Tania and Perry after an injured dog; an old friend helps out when the kennel is near capacity; a dog's chance at a forever home could be ruined by an unforeseen danger.

  • Puppy Palooza
    A dog and her seven puppies are rescued, but it takes Villalobos' puppy count to more than 20, so a new parolee is tasked making sure the little ones don't take over the warehouse. Meanwhile, a family is looking for a new puppy after losing one to a heart defect.

  • Giving Back
    An artist paints a mural on the back of the warehouse to boost the rescue's profile, and the outreach pays off when Tia is alerted to two stray dogs that are hiding in a dangerous place. Meanwhile, a couple hope to adopt a pit bull after losing their previous pet; and the New Orleans arena football team recruits the twins and a pit bull named Rhino to be its on-field mascots.

  • Flood Watch
    A puppy is stuck in a pipe near a river and needs to be rescued; Tania and Perry try to boost a shy puppy's confidence when someone may be interested in adopting it.

  • A New Future
    Tia needs backup when she heads to a perilous part of town; Tania attends her beau's birthday party, where all eyes are on her.

  • Rescuing The Holidays
    A holiday edition featuring updates on rescued pit bulls and a look back at memorable adoptions.

  • Can't Give Up
    Tia goes to Michigan with Mariah to check out the home of a potential adopter, but the trip takes a wild turn when they're asked find a dog that's been living on the street for two years. Back in New Orleans, Armando helps a dog with a skin illness that was left on the shelter's doorstep.

  • Collision Course
    A dangerous rescue mission is undertaken to rescue two dogs that are running wild on the train tracks next to the shelter; a couple want to adopt a dog to help them heal after a personal tragedy.

  • Not Meant To Be
    An adopter arrives from Texas, but is crushed when he doesn't connect with the dog he had selected, though Tia has another animal in mind that could be an ideal match. Meanwhile, two prison guards come to Villalobos to observe a work-release inmate.

  • Battle Scars
    A dog reportedly hit by a car turns out to have wounds that appear to be from a fight, but this new addition to the kennel has Tia hoping a police officer will be the next to adopt. Meanwhile, another storm creates a new flooding problem at Villalobos.

  • Rescue Resurrection
    A dog at a construction site leads Tia to a startling discovery; a family with an unusual lifestyle want to adopt a puppy; a beloved dog's illness sends shock waves through Villalobos.

  • Almost Perfect
    A dog left for dead in a dangerous part of town must be rescued by Tia and two parolees; a college girl from South Carolina wants to adopt a special-needs dog; a dog is dumped on Villalobos' doorstep.

  • From The Shadows
    A special-needs dog gets extra attention from Tia before it's adopted by a couple from Florida. Meanwhile, Mariah sets out to rescue a dog that's dangerously thin; and Tania and Perry plan their unconventional wedding.

  • Unleashed
    Memorable moments of Season 5 are highlighted.

  • Perfect Match
    A looming tropical storm threatens to ruin Tania and Perry's wedding; Tia ventures into a dangerous part of New Orleans to rescue a mother dog that's been left to die.
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