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Pushing Daisies

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Pit Bulls And Parolees EpisodesSeason 6    

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  • Last Chance
    Tia takes in dogs rescued from a fighting ring. Meanwhile, a dog that's been overlooked gets a chance at a forever home; and a parolee counsels troubled teens.

  • A Diamond In The Rough
    A midnight rescue involves uncovering a dog's origins; a cat causes problems for a Villalobos veteran; a parolee recommends a pal for a job.

  • Risky Business
    A former volunteer returns to adopt a dog she fell in love with, but her Boxer threatens to derail the adoption. And, only days after being released from prison, a parolee is on the wrong path - putting his freedom at risk.

  • Standing Strong
    A loose pit bull sends Tia and Louise on a frantic search through neighborhood surrounding Villalobos. New parolee Sui assists in his first adoption. Finally, Tania receives heartbreaking news about her beloved pit bull, Bluie.

  • Helter Shelter
    A tough rescue of a female dog and her puppies gets a hand from an old friend of Tia's who was just visiting Villalobos. Meanwhile, a former adopter would like another dog, but the process is hampered by an unusual obstacle; and a dog is loose on a highway.

  • Dumped
    When some puppies are dumped at VIllalobos, Mariah goes launches a mission to get more dogs spayed and neutered. Then, a dog running loose on freeway has Tia racing to save it. And, a heartbroken comes looking for a dog to help them heal.

  • Healing Hearts
    Tia hurries to save a dog that's been tied up in the summer heat; Matt comes home to rescue a pit bull about to be put down; Tania and Perry are ready to adopt a new dog.

  • Broken Home
    Tia and Matt are heartbroken when they rescue dogs from the home of their recently deceased owner. Meanwhile, a potential adopter wants to give a dog a home at a bed-and-breakfast.

  • Giving Thanks
    Tia rescues a disabled puppy that was found in a sugar cane field; Earl reaches a major milestone when he's released from parole supervision; a couple are ready to adopt another dog after a heartbreaking loss.

  • Holiday Special
    Inspired by longtime Villalobos residents Snickers and Brandi, Tania spearheads an effort to find forever homes for their favorite dogs, and she ensures this is the last Christmas they spend in shelters. A professional photographer is invited to New Orleans to shoot portraits of each dog to capture the dog's personality and melt the hearts of potential adopters. Meanwhile, Earl rallies the parolees' festive spirits and enlists their help to decorate the Tahyo Tavern and prepare a very special Christmas feast for the Villalobos family.

  • Above And Beyond
    An emaciated pit bull is put on Tia's radar and proves to be one of the worst cases she's ever seen; Earl must win over authorities in the New York prison system in order to get an animal shelter built inside of a prison.

  • Good Gone Bad
    Mariah goes to California to rescue a former member of the Villalobos family; a puppy's behavior could jeopardize its chances of being adopted; Tia responds to an emergency call regarding an abandoned pit bull.

  • A Clash Of Wills
    A pit bull that's tied up and abandoned in a vacant lot prompts an urgent rescue attempt by Tia and Perry. Meanwhile, a returning adopter gets a big surprise; and a request from Earl's son turns into a lesson in hard work.

  • Saving Each Other
    A former volunteer returns to Villalobos looking for a new family member; a veteran hopes to be reunited with his dogs; another shelter needs help when it's overwhelmed by dogs rescued from deplorable conditions.

  • Taming The Beast
    A puppy is rescued by Mariah and Toney that's in danger of never walking again unless it has surgery. Meanwhile, a single dad looks for a companion in the aftermath of a difficult breakup.

  • From Darkness To Dawn
    Tia takes a dog to the vet after it's rescued, which leads to a heartbreaking discovery; Earl gets help from the neighborhood to raise money for surgery; Mariah hopes to conquer one of her greatest fears when an adopter arrives with a unique challenge.

  • Pushing The Limits
    Three roommates contact Tia about adopting a pit bull who can fit in with their extreme, fast-paced lifestyles. And, the parolees are sent running for cover when they uncover three beehives.

  • Hero's Journey
    Louise and Matt rescue a dog that was hit by a car; a woman hopes to adopt a new companion after her beloved dog passes away.

  • Unleashed
    Highlights of Season 6.

  • Why We Go On
    Tia clashes with a shelter over a dog's fate after she risked her life to rescue it. Meanwhile, a dog that was near death has recovered and may find a forever home.
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