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Pit Bulls And Parolees EpisodesSeason 7    

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  • New Frontiers
    Tia opens a satellite shelter in Assumption Parish when Villalobos hits maximum capacity. Meanwhile, a rescued puppy must be rushed to the vet with a severe sunburn and a skin infection; a mastiff is running loose in heavy traffic; a former volunteer hopes to adopt a dog; and Tania and Perry drive to New York to perform a home check with a potential adoptee named Mittens.

  • Jail Break
    A stray dog is stuck in a swamp; Tia accepts two sick puppies from an overwhelmed owner; a Villalobos favorite gets a shot at a forever home.

  • Scarred
    A parolee takes the lead in a rescue in an attempt to assume more responsibility; a woman looks for a dog that will be comfortable around her chickens; Tia saves a pit bull with scars that indicate a painful history.

  • New Heights
    Matt hurries to save puppies that are under railroad ties; a California couple search for a new best friend; bad news arrives about one of Villalobos' favorite dogs.

  • Knife's Edge
    A family from New Hampshire visits Villalobos in hopes of finding a new companion; an alert about an aggressive dog results in a heartbreaking discovery; Earl visits a spine specialist to address his chronic pain.

  • Shock To The System
    A mission to rescue a stray turns into a terrifying ordeal for Matt, forcing Tania to take the lead. Meanwhile, a new recruit experiences the heartbreak associated with a life in dog rescue; and one of the center's favorites has a shot at a forever home.

  • First Time For Everything
    A dog is tied up in an abandoned house, presenting a unique challenge for Tia to rescue it. Meanwhile, Tania works hard to find a home for one of Villalobos' residents, but the adoption could fall through due to a health scare.

  • Blindsided
    A dog is shot, and Tia must hurry to save its life. Meanwhile, a scared puppy is running loose on busy roads near the warehouse; and Tia faces a tough decision after red flags are raised during a home check.

  • The One
    A scared dog is hiding under a vehicle and must be coaxed to safety; Tania's in-laws would like a new addition to their home; Moe and his fiancee, Lizzy, get ready for their wedding.

  • A New Best Friend
    A pit bull is abandoned by its owners in an empty house; a mother and daughter come from Oklahoma looking for a new best friend; Tia's dog Jethro becomes ill.

  • Low Rider
    A dog has a tumor that could affect its chances of getting a forever home; an aggressive dog becomes a danger to the staff; Villalobos hopes to bring a stray and its owner together again.

  • The Gift
    Tia's extraordinary gift surprises every one and could have an impact on the future of Villalobos. Meanwhile, a shy pit bull mix needs special attention; and one of the hardest working parolees tries to make up for lost time by cooking Christmas dinner.

  • A Long Time Coming
    A severely malnourished dog requires the entire team to nurse it back to health. Meanwhile, a Hurricane Katrina survivor gets a shot at a forever home after waiting more than 10 years.

  • Eye Of The Storm
    Tania takes charge when a tornado hits New Orleans, but she's upset when the parolees don't show up to help. Meanwhile, a pit-bull trainer wants to adopt a dog she can put to work.

  • Behind Bars
    Two dogs are left behind when their owners abandon the property. Meanwhile, Matt helps place a patrol dog at the prison where he was incarcerated; and one of Tania's favorite dogs is up for adoption.

  • A Street Dog Named Desire
    A dog is left at Villalobos by a notorious dognapper, sending Mariah on a search for the owner. Meanwhile, a new parolee asks Tia for help when he has trouble adjusting to working at the center; and a dog gets a second chance at a forever home after its first adoption falls through.

  • The Incomparable Dr. K
    Tania faces a tough rescue when she goes out on her own to save a stray on the streets; the dogs are threatened by a disease outbreak in the swamps; a center favorite gets a shot at a forever home.

  • New Day, New Blood
    The expansion of Villalobos leaves Tia shorthanded once again. Meanwhile, the discovery of a pack of pit bulls running in the streets reveals an overwhelmed owner in need of help; and Tia and Lizzy try to find a home for a dog that is seriously ill.

  • Second Savior
    Jackson Galaxy helps Tia rescue dozens of cats when a neighborhood is threatened by a sinkhole. Meanwhile, a neglected mother is found near the warehouse, prompting a frantic search for her puppies.

  • Never Meant Harm
    A family hopes for a reunion with a dog that was rescued on a previous episode. Meanwhile, Earl's sudden change in behavior forces a confrontation with Tia; and Matt faces an important decision.
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