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Pushing Daisies

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Platinum Babies EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Victoria And Tom
    Victoria Recano, KTLA's anchor at 6 and 10pm and a former Correspondent/Host of The Insider, and her husband, Tom Burwell had been married for nearly eight years when they found out they were having a baby. Fortunately, Victoria has access to a lot of top-notch baby and event planners and designers through her work as a television personality. She takes Interior Decorator Dana Norris Doumani along to shop for a star-studded nursery for her baby. Later, Victoria heads off to a trendy Beverly Hills baby boutique where all of Hollywood's elite buy their baby's clothes along with Natalie Klein, celebrity baby planner of the Hot Moms Club to register for her baby clothes and gifts. Shopping isn't the only thing The Hot Moms Club helps with. Natalie and Founder Jessica Denay put together gift bags for Victoria's upcoming shower that exceed $1500 worth of products for the lucky guests. Victoria's and her decorator Dana put the finishing touches on the nursery with the pillows and bedding and other decorative elements. The baby shower is a red-carpet worthy event, complete with custom cocktails, paparazzi and oodles of elegant presents and delicious food at a trendy Sunset Boulevard location. There's only one last thing to attend to before their beautiful daughter is born; Tom visits an exclusive Beverly Hills jeweler to purchase a "push present" for Victoria just in time because baby Maximilienne arrives a month earlier than expected, much to her parent's delight.

  • Tara And Andrew
    Tara and Andrew Floor are a stylish and trendy Sacramento couple who own several boutique and hair salons so it is no surprise that when they became pregnant with their first child they strove to stay chic for the full nine months. No ordinary pastel baby shower with cutsie stuffed animals would do for them. Instead, an indulgent and unique co-ed cocktail party is planned complete with Moroccan food and decor complete with architectural details to match. Their presents all came from Rodeo Drive or so it seemed by the labels represented- Vuitton, Gucci & Dolce & Gabbana. To round out their daughter's closet, Tara and Andrew go shopping for a few last minute items at a local baby boutique. Baby planner and concierge Melissa Moog drops by to show Tara how to make healthy baby food with the latest appliance. Meanwhile, Andrew's Mom and Tara's best friend put the finishing touches on a ladies-only garden shower with exquisitely expensive floral elements and a decadently delicious dessert table. Good thing Tara has regular visits with her personal trainer to work off those yummy calories before her daughter is born. Baby Helena arrives and is the light of her parent's life and the subject of a fabulous photo session.

  • Tatyanna And Michele
    Tatyanna and her husband of 12 years, Michele, have lived around the world but are currently settled in Brooklyn, New York, awaiting the arrival of their second child. Tatyanna is a hip and eco-conscious writer who walks the walk of a healthy green lifestyle, even registering for all organic baby products at one of New York's environmentally friendly flagship stores. They belong to a trendy private family lifestyle club in Soho where she can work out to prepare for her pregnancy and where their son Oscar can play as well. In order to prepare for natural childbirth, Tatyanna also has a doula and acupuncturist on her birthing team. An intimate gathering of Tatyanna's closest friends takes place at a downtown hotel with an elegant meal prepared by the chef and owner and tailored exactly to her liking. Exotic floral displays add to the decor. Tatyanna's dear friend invites her to a trunk show to preview her exclusive and ultra-cool line of maternity wear so that she doesn't have to be caught in a plain hospital gown when her daughter is born. The birth of their daughter delights Tatyanna's father and the whole family jets off to an island in the Mediterranean for her christening.

  • Tatyanna And Michele
    Betsy and Brad have been inseparable in the five years since they met and their honeymoon baby is proof positive. Brad delights in spoiling Betsy with anything she wants and her desire to have a fanciful garden party shower is no exception. In order to literally set the scene, they peruse a 70,000 square foot warehouse filled with props to find the perfect elements to transform their home garden into a Victorian tea party. Crystal, silver, china and flowers in various hues of pink add just the right touch along with harp and violin music and ladies adorned with bonnets of all shapes and sizes to make Betsy's dream come true. Betsy and her mom coordinated every aspect of the decor of the baby's nursery. They also engaged the child safety expert to the stars, Kimberlee Mitchell, to baby proof their home for their daughter's security. As her due date draws near, Betsy and Brad tour the state of the art birthing facility where their daughter will make her debut. In order to cherish this special time in their lives, Betsy and Brad sit for pregnancy portraits and more after their daughter is born. These valuable mementos become the focal part of their home gallery. Brad has one last present for Betsy after she gives birth to Riley Ann; a lovely diamond pendant push present.
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