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Psychic Kids EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Vanished
    Teens, Travis and Vicki, team up with a professional private investigator on a real world missing persons case. Their psychic hits shed new light and hope on the case.

  • Family Secrets
    Mother and daughter psychics, Caprice and Jordi, along with two teen psychic sisters, Peyton and Riley, attempt to solve the puzzle of a mysterious girl ghost at an inn dating to the revolutionary war.

  • Ghost School
    13-year-olds, Bryson and Colt, join a paranormal investigation of a century-old haunted opera house. The boys struggle to be accepted by their dads who doubt their abilities.

  • Crossing Over
    Three pre-teens, Hannah, Savanah, and Shauniece team up to help a woman contact her deceased father. Along the way each girl discovers new psychic talents they never knew they had.

  • Demon In The Mirror
    Tammy, 15-years-old, along with the help of Alexandra, 17-years-old, must face the "Lady in the Mirror" a spirit that torments her virtually every night.

  • Haunted Attic
    Peri and Devon, two teens, explore a haunted whaling ship in order to overcome their fears of encountering spirits.

  • Terror In The Night
    Two teenage girls, Caitlyn and Tori, are haunted by spirits and terrified by nightmares that come true. They are desperate to be assured they are not alone in experiencing these phenomena.

  • Spirits Among Us
    Social outcasts, Olivia and Hailey, discover friendship and the power to overcome their fears of the paranormal. A startling discovery validates both Hailey's and Olivia's abilities to see spirits.
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