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Real Housewives Of D.C. EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Welcome To The District
    Michaele Salahi - famed for crashing a White House state dinner in November 2009 - throws a polo event, but modeling-agency proprietress Lynda Erkiletian brushes off the function. Meanwhile, Mary Schmidt Amons preps for her birthday party; and Stacie Scott Turner presides over a dinner party.

  • Disloyal To The Party
    Mary discovers that her adult daughter's move back home creates various challenges. Elsewhere, Stacie highlights her down-home roots by serving up a soul-food dinner - but one guest stirs the pot. And Michaele takes Cat and Mary horseback riding.

  • Foreign Relations
    It's a French connection when Michaele, Stacie and their spouses bond during a trip to Paris. Elsewhere, proper D.C. etiquette (or lack thereof) comes to the conversation fore; Cat focuses on penning her book; and Mary hosts a fashion-themed dinner featuring a celeb hairstylist, but diva dramas prevail.

  • The Grape Stomp Of Wrath
    Lynda moves from her Georgetown condo to an expansive suburban mansion. Meanwhile, Cat grows suspicious of Michaele and Tareq. As for Michaele, she tries to mend relationships and invites the wives to her winery for a grape stomp.

  • Special Interests
    Happiness is squashed at a vineyard grape stomp when Michaele and Tareq make disturbing accusations about Mary's daughter. Meanwhile, Cat tries to pep up a political party.

  • Securing Homeland
    Mary and Cat connect over parenting issues, and family dramas haunt Stacie, who hopes to find her biological father. Elsewhere, Cat copes with the death of a friend; Michaele searches for a new home; and Tareq's family troubles escalate.

  • By the Book
    Cat works on her book cover. Not to be outdone, the Salahis try to publish their own book. Later, a showdown leaves Cat in tears; parenting issues plague Mary; and religion and politics collide for Stacie.

  • Nation Building
    Daddy issues hound Stacie, who searches for her birth father and ultimately finds a connection to her roots. As housewife gossip swirls, an alienated Michaele gears up for a grand D.C. social event - the White House state dinner. Elsewhere, Lynda prepares for her big fashion function.

  • Party Politics
    Michaele and Tareq crash a White House state dinner, an act that grabbed headlines in November 2009. Housewife gossip whirls about whether or not the couple had been officially invited to the event.

  • Reunion, Part 1
    The ladies of D.C. reunite and tempers flare. Cat comes clean about her marriage problems. Lynda makes a shocking revelation about her habits. Stacie updates us on her situation with her birth father. The issue of race is discussed. The ladies doubt Michaele's claims that she has multiple sclerosis and that she was a Redskins cheerleader.

  • Reunion, Part 2
    The ladies of D.C. reunite in the second part of the crazy reunion.
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