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Real Estate Road Test EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The O'Neills
    Becky, Sean and their two kids moved in with Becky's mom in order to save money to buy their dream home. Two years later and they're still at Mom's - severely struggling with cramped space and conflicting personalities - especially when it comes to what kind of house they want. Host, Doug Wilson is determined to save this family from imploding, and find them a home of their own. Can Doug get Becky and Sean to finally compromise? Will the sleepovers meet the kid's criteria? And will the house location make or break the bid?

  • The Lobels
    Adam's impulsiveness led him to build his dream house for his wife Josephine. This romantic gesture turned sour as he neglected to think about the most important thing - location. Now the couple is stuck in a precarious position. They have their dream house - but not in their dream location. They want to get back to their roots to live by the ocean, but that means higher prices with lower amenities. Host, Doug Wilson has found them three amazing properties, but what are Adam and Josephine willing to sacrifice in order to get their dream location?

  • The Dodges
    Newlyweds, Robin and Adam are ready to ditch apartment living for a bigger and better house. Robin wants it all - the white picket fence and lots of land, while Adam is a laid-back surfer, who's only criteria is to be near the ocean. Compromise has been difficult, especially when it comes to location. Robin can't wait to move to a house in hopes of starting a family, while Adam's priorities are conflicting. Can Doug get these two on the same page in order to buy a home or will Robin's opinions get in the way of agreement?

  • The Gibsons
    Melissa, Bill and their two boys Max and Sammy, love to live the good life. In fact, a lot of time and money spent on sports activities and travel have made them re-evaluate their priorities. They are willing to downsize their house in order to save money for the more important things in life! While Melissa sees downsizing their home as a short-term solution, Bill wants to buy a low maintenance small house they can be in forever. Host, Doug Wilson has found them three homes to fit their needs, but who will win this family tug of war?

  • The Pastores
    Chris is a DIY engineer who wants a real fixer upper, while his wife Paula, wants a home that requires less work and is move-in ready. Now they're cramped and stranded in their tiny rental with two babies under two years old and no hope in sight. Chris can't stand homes with any sort of hill in the backyard, while Paula is as picky as they come - and to top it off, every time they think they found something they keep getting outbid. Will Doug ever be able to get this perfectionist couple to compromise in order to find the perfect home?

  • The Kemps
    Tom and Patti have been searching for their dream home for two plus years. They're busting at the seams - but now the clock is ticking -- fast. They need to move into a place before their two kids start kindergarten in the fall. Opinionated Tom knows what he wants, but his bargain hunting ways have held things up. Patti wants to spend more money to get more space. Can Doug find them a house that is perfect on a tight budget, or will Tom be willing to dig into his pockets more for space?
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