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The Real Wedding CrashersThe Real Wedding Crashers  premiered on NBC on April 23, 2007. Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect - the pristine dress, the flawless cake, the excited guests - a day they'll cherish and remember forever. But in this one-hour reality series, wedding couples team up with five crashers to create the most memorable wedding weekend their guests will never forget! The crash team consists of five quick-thinking, hilarious improvisational performers who've made it their mission to go undercover as wedding staff and guests to save weddings from run-of-the-mill boredom. The crashers will play various people in all the weddings including, the pastor, the wedding planner, a waiter, a long lost friend, a tailor, and even an exterminator. The bride and groom are in on the fun as they assist the crashers in pulling pranks on their guests. Like any engaged couple, they spend tens of thousands of dollars to bring together the most important people in their lives, and naturally they have worries. The crashers will make it their mission to ease the bride and groom's concerns and guarantee that it will be the happiest night of their lives. There is a deeper mission under the layer of fun. The crashers will do more than just liven up the party, some pranks will be light-hearted and funny, while others will be emotional and bring the family together. At the end of each show, viewers will be treated to a huge reveal when the crashers admit to their pranks.

Wedding Crasher
Ben Gleib
Wedding Crasher
Catherine Reitman
Wedding Crasher
Desi Lydic
Wedding Crasher
Gareth Reynolds
Wedding Crasher
Steve Byrne
Season 1 (2006-2007)
(? Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Jonnie And Derek (Original Air Date 4/23/2007)
  2. Jennifer And Jay (Original Air Date 4/30/2007)
  3. Melissa And Eric (Original Air Date 5/7/2007)
  4. Denise And Steve (Original Air Date 5/14/2007)
  5. Erica And Manoli (Original Air Date 3/11/2008)
  6. Jina And Christian (Original Air Date 4/1/2008)
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