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DescriptionShow Description    

RecklessReckless  premiered on CBS on June 29, 2014. Reckless is set in Charleston, S.C., where a gorgeous Yankee litigator and a charming southern attorney must hide their intense mutual attraction as a police sex scandal threatens to tear the city apart.

StatusShow Status    

Canceled/ended after 1 season; ended on 9/14/2014

Jamie Sawyer
Anna Wood
Roy Rayder
Cam Gigandet
Terry McCandless
Shawn Hatosy
Preston Cruz
Adam Rodriguez
Lee Anne Marcus
Georgina Haig
Kim Wayans
Dec Fortnum
Gregory Harrison
Holland Knox
Michael Gladis
Season 1 (2014)
(13 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 6/29/2014)
  2. Parting Shots (Original Air Date 7/6/2014)
  3. Stand Your Ground (Original Air Date 7/13/2014)
  4. Blind Sides (Original Air Date 7/20/2014)
  5. Bloodstone (Original Air Date 7/27/2014)
  6. Family Plot (Original Air Date 8/3/2014)
  7. Deep Waters (Original Air Date 8/17/2014)
  8. When The Smoke Clears (Original Air Date 8/24/2014)
  9. Damage Control (Original Air Date 8/30/2014)
  10. Fifty-One Percent (Original Air Date 8/31/2014)
  11. And So It Begins (Original Air Date 9/7/2014)
  12. Civil Wars. Part 1 (Original Air Date 9/14/2014)
  13. Civil Wars. Part 2 (Original Air Date 9/14/2014)
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