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Roommates EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    Mark runs into his high-school crush, Katie, and moves in with her and her roommates, hoping to win her affection. However, Mark doesn't make the best first impression with one of those roommates, Hope, who is Katie's best friend.

  • The Tarot
    Still reeling from her breakup with Ben, Katie takes Hope's advice and visits a Tarot card reader hoping the psychic can point her in the right direction when it comes to matters of the heart. But when the psychic tells her she has already met the man of her dreams, Mark believes it must be him. While Katie tries to figure out which man in her life is Mr. Right, Mark tries to figure out how to prove to Katie that he's the guy for her. With some not-so-great help from Thom and James trying to block his every move, can Mark make the psychic's prediction work in his favor?

  • The Lie
    Still looking for a life change, Katie decides that to improve her situation she needs to get a new job. When a listing for an assistant job comes up at Hope's old office, Katie jumps at the chance, thinking she has an "in" at the company. Being knee deep in lies, Hope turns to Mark and Thom for help. Things go sour when Mark pretends to be a big wig at the company over the phone and has a romantic connection with Katie. Now instead of just finding a great job, Katie thinks she has also found the perfect man. Can the group let Katie down easily about her dream job and dream man, or will Hope finally have to fess up about her real job at the coffee house?

  • The Break-In
    Hope's father comes to town for a surprise visit, quickly realizes that his daughter's life is in shambles and decides it is time for her to move home. In an effort to prove that her life isn't as big a mess as he thinks, she ropes Mark into pretending to be her boyfriend. She may not have a great job, but she is in "love." Can Mark use his acting skills to help Hope pull off yet another one of her lies, or will Hope be on her way home with her father when all is said and done?

  • The Set-Up
    After the gang realizes Mark's recent lack of success on the dating front, the girls take it upon themselves to find him the perfect woman. Katie decides that her friend from the law firm, Jenny, would be ideal for Mark, despite his several pleas to leave his love life alone. In order to keep Katie happy, Mark goes along with the set up, although he quickly regrets it as the date becomes a huge bust. When he gets home, Mark is surprised to hear from Katie that Jenny had a great time and would love to go out with him again. Could this be a chance for Mark to finally hook-up or does Jenny have ulterior motives to be with him?

  • The Mark-A-Like
    After finding out that Ben has moved on and is dating an old friend of hers, Katie is determined to move forward in her love life too. But on a shopping trip to the mattress store with Mark, Katie finds just the man to help her finally get over Ben. Unfortunately for Mark, it's not him, but rather the mattress store owner. And to make matters worse, the new guy, Eric, looks just like Mark. In fact, he is the more confident, more successful version of Mark! How can Mark compete for Katie's affections with a bigger and better doppelganger?

  • The Uninvited Thom
    Fed up with working at the coffee house, Hope quits her job and is on the hunt for a new one. When she finds out that Mark is temping for a new media big wig, Hope talks him into helping her get a job there. Unfortunately Mark's new boss, David, is looking for something more than just a hard worker more like a one night stand. With the proposition of having David hook him up with a theater audition, Mark invites him over to meet Hope. As soon as David arrives at the apartment, the evening goes south when it's Katie that catches David's eye, not Hope.

  • The Green People
    Katie steals Hope's business idea and passes it off as her own, then lies to Hope about it and pretends she got Hope a job.

  • The Game Night
    The gang has a game night at the apartment, where Mark gets what he's been wanting for a long time.

  • The Mother Of James
    James' mother has her first date since her divorce, and the gang helps her prepare for it. When things do not go well, she seeks comfort from Mark.

  • The Trash 'N Treasures
    The roommates convince their exes to attend a party with them, but the evening doesn't go as expected; Katie remains undecided regarding Mark and David.

  • The Tickets
    Mark tries to win Katie over with theater tickets after she and David get back from their business trip.

  • The Old And The New
    Hope and James try to keep their new relationship a secret. Meanwhile, Mark and Katie face surprises in their respective relationships and then lean on each other.
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