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Pushing Daisies

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DescriptionShow Description    

Run Of The HouseRun Of The House  premiered on WB on September 11, 2003. Sally, Kurt, and Chris are three perfect examples of "The Boomerang Generation," which, as the name implies, refers to kids who grow up, leave home for college, and then come right back to the nest. For their younger sister, 15-year-old Brooke Franklin, the sociological phenomenon is a lifesaver since her parents are always away on vacation. Left to fend for themselves by their globetrotting parents, the four create an unusual surrogate family marked by the usual sibling rivalries and power plays. Somehow they manage to overcome the pettiness, however, in a uniquely genuine attempt to create a nuclear family in the absence of one.

CastShow Cast    
Sally Franklin
Sasha Barrese
Kurt Franklin
Joseph Lawrence
Chris Franklin
Kyle Howard
Brooke Franklin
Margo Harshman
EpisodesShow Episodes    
Season 1 (2003-2004)
19 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 9/11/2003)
  2. Kiss And Tell (Original Air Date 9/18/2003)
  3. The Party (Original Air Date 9/25/2003)
  4. 'Twas The Night Before Homecoming (Original Air Date 10/2/2003)
  5. When There's Smoke, There's Fire (Original Air Date 10/9/2003)
  6. Chris Gets A Job (Original Air Date 10/16/2003)
  7. Just Like Mom (Original Air Date 10/23/2003)
  8. Chris's College Friends (Original Air Date 10/30/2003)
  9. Sally's New Boss (Original Air Date 11/6/2003)
  10. The Education Of Chris Franklin (Original Air Date 11/13/2003)
  11. Forbidden Fruit (Original Air Date 11/20/2003)
  12. The Fighting Irish (Original Air Date 1/8/2004)
  13. Drive My Car (Original Air Date 1/15/2004)
  14. Undercover Brother (Original Air Date 4/23/2004)
  15. Sixteen (Original Air Date 4/30/2004)
  16. Signs (Original Air Date 5/7/2004)
  17. Boy Toy (Unaired)
  18. The Unnatural (Unaired)
  19. There's Something About Sally (Unaired)
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