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Pushing Daisies

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Southern Belles: Louisville EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Countdown To The Belles
    An introduction to the five belles in the original docusoap, "Southern Belles: Louisville."

  • Meet The Belles
    Meet the Southern Belles of Louisville, Kentucky. First there's Emily, who comes from wealth and traditional Kentucky family values, but will she choose to leave it all behind to chase the bright lights and excitement that can't be found in Louisville? Next there's Hadley, the newcomer to Louisville. She's highly educated, but has trouble committing to both jobs and men. Then there's Julie, a local model, but as her 35th birthday approaches, she finds herself at a career standstill and without a husband. Southern Belle Kellie is a twice-divorced woman who married into high society, but for the first time she has to see if she can stand on her own. Finally there's Shea, daddy's girl who's used to getting what she wantsand what she wants most is a weddingeven if her boyfriend hasn't proposed yet. These five women will not settle when it comes to making their dreams come true.

  • New Beginnings
    The girls help Julie celebrate her 35th birthday as she faces the harsh reality that her clock is ticking and her job is at a standstill. Meanwhile, Emily is offered a job opportunity that her conservative parents will not be happy about; Hadley regrets telling Sterling she has strong feelings for him; Shea and her father have already started picking dates for her wedding, even though Shea's boyfriend, Jeff, hasn't proposed yet; and Kellie, ironically, decides to start a matchmaking business, even though shes been divorced twice.

  • The Belles Bond
    The girls go away for the weekend, where some friction between Shea and Emily results in a surprising makeover. While there, Kelly reveals some deep secrets from her past. Later, in a tense encounter, Emily meets with a style consultant who thinks she may need to tone down her look to be taken seriously.

  • Engagements And Break-Ups
    Shea and Jeff's relationship takes a turn when they go visit his family in the Outer Banks. Will she finally get her engagement ring? Meanwhile, Emily takes drastic measures to update her appearance for her new part-time job in Las Vegas, and, after spending some time apart, Hadley and Sterling meet up and she is shocked by what he has to say.

  • Facing Our Differences
    Shea has big news to share with the girls, but gets interrupted by Emily's hair issues over and over again. Later, the girls go wild at Kellie's slumber party, and Julie's foray back onto the runway doesn't go the way she might have hoped.

  • Back In The Saddle
    Julie starts to fall for Cody. Is the feeling mutual, or will this be their last date? Meanwhile, to please her father, Emily gives the local radio station a try, but will she be able to give up the bright lights of Vegas to make her father happy?

  • Life's Ups And Downs
    Just as Kellie discovers she can have children, her boyfriend, Jeff, tells her he doesn't want to be a father again. Shea goes a bit overboard with her wedding shopping. Russ and Hadley finally go on a real date, leaving everyone to wonder if hell be the one to win her heart, even with his "bad boy" rep.

  • Reality Check
    35-year-old Julie has a heart-to-heart with her dad, who expresses his doubts about her ever settling down and having kids. She sets out to prove him wrong. After having a serious talk with her boss about her career, Emily gets advice from fellow Southern Belle Nancy O'Dell on the set of "Access Hollywood." Will she decide to finally make a permanent move to Las Vegas for her job? Bad boy Russ professes his love to Hadley in front of everyone at her birthday party, but is later caught by Shea flirting with another woman.

  • Big Decisions
    Shea and Jeff go to marriage counseling to resolve their financial issues; Jeff wants Kellie to move to Chicago -- but if she goes, will she be giving up her dream of becoming a mother? Hadley has employment issues; and Emily and her father visit a gun range, where she intends to tell him she is moving to Las Vegas.

  • Circle Of Friends
    Shea's perfect life is turned upside down when she receives some shocking news that no one saw coming. Kellie makes several impulsive decisions regarding her boyfriend Jeff. Hadley questions her relationship with bad boy Russ. The girls throw Emily a goodbye party before she heads for Vegas. But will she finally get her parents' blessing before she leaves? And the big question of the night: Who will cheat on whom?
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