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Pushing Daisies

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Secrets Of AspenSecrets Of Aspen  premiered on VH1 on January 3, 2010. Among the world's ski towns, Aspen is unquestionably the most renowned. It has its own Rodeo Drive and recently became the most expensive zip code in America thanks to the average home costing a hefty $$6.5 million. But money doesn't grow on trees for everyone in this mythical place. Mixed in among the blue bloods are the hard-working "have-nots" who must work two to three jobs to make ends meet. Friction sometimes exists between the two sets, as they often work together in low-end service industry positions at local restaurants and hotels. Aspen is a town of extremes, where you either have three homes or three jobs. There is no in between. In this exclusive town of 5,000 that swells to 40,000 several times a year, the billionaires are squeezing out the millionaires and the ebb and flow of snow and money makes Aspen a challenging place to survive for locals.

Aspen's dating pool is more of a dating puddle. Limited resources make the life cycle of a relationship very short. Hookups, breakups and hangovers all happen in the same night. To make matters worse, gossip spreads like wildfire. If you fall down drunk or have an affair, everyone in town will know before sunrise. For the local women, weakness in a relationship is like chum strewn in shark-infested waters. Before you can dump your boyfriend, there are a dozen other women who have already given him their phone number. Hence, BFFs quickly become enemies and pretty soon every person in town is your ex. This so-called life is the status quo for Kat, Erin, Laura, Brooke, Star and Shana, who represent a cross-section of modern women in Aspen. Each episode of this docu-soap follows their quest to find love, pay rent and stay friends during one season in this winter wonderland. These ain't no housewives. Far from it - it's hard enough to find a house, much less hold onto a husband. Drama is guaranteed: from gondola gossip to mansion parties, after-ski drinks to afternoon sex.

Season 1 (2009-2010)
(8 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Kickoff Kiss-Off (Original Air Date 1/3/2010)
  2. Fighting In The Streets (Original Air Date 1/10/2010)
  3. Loose Talk (Original Air Date 1/17/2010)
  4. Sold To The Slyest Bidder (Original Air Date 1/24/2010)
  5. Won't Get Fooled Again (Original Air Date 1/31/2010)
  6. The Space Between Us (Original Air Date 2/7/2010)
  7. Where Laura Goes, Trouble Follows (Original Air Date 2/14/2010)
  8. Cubic Zarconias (Original Air Date 2/21/2010)
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