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Secret Life EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Falling In Love
    Wholesome 15-year-old Amy Juergens finds out that she's pregnant, sparking panic among her two best friends, Lauren and Madison. She won't tell them who the father is, but we catch on when Ricky, fellow marching band member and "drummer," tells Amy he won't forget that special night they spent together at band camp. But Ricky has his own problems. His girlfriend, Adrian, is about to stand him up to go on an illicit date with the school football star, Jack. Jack's a devout Christian, just like his beautiful, virginal girlfriend, Grace Bowman, but he finds himself torn between his manly instincts and his promise to God. Meanwhile, Ricky's also putting the moves on Grace - can't he just stick to one girl? Apparently not, as we learn from a conversation he has with his shrink. But in that same conversation, he also reveals that he spent time in a foster home, thanks to his abusive dad. But Ricky doesn't know that Amy's pregnant. She doesn't know who to tell first - a doctor, or her parents? But before she has a chance to break the news to her family that their "good girl" is not so good, Ben calls to ask her out on a date. He's even joined the marching band just to get closer to Amy. She agrees to go with him to the Youth Fellowship post-game celebration. Meanwhile, Ben's best friends, Alice and Henry, notice that Ben's moved beyond just trying to have sex with Amy - he's actually got a thing for her now. Too bad he doesn't know her big secret, though he does notice her looking at Ricky from across the room. So do Lauren and Madison, unfortunately, and they put two and two together. But where are Jack and Adrian during all this? Oh, just making out in the church hallway. Unfortunately, Tom, Grace's brother, walks in on them and screams. Grace and Ricky discover their two-timing significant others while Amy and Ben, oblivious to it all, finish up their slow dance as the world falls apart around them.

  • You Are My Everything
    New love is in the air when we find Amy and Ben in the school hallway together after their romantic night at the youth fellowship post-game party. Even Ricky can't get a date with Amy now, despite the fact that, you know, she's sort of... carrying his baby. And Adrian? Well, she's always a safe bet for Ricky, even though we get the distinct sense he means a little bit more to her than she's letting on. Let's just hope he's not gonna mess that one up. Meanwhile, Jack's desperately pleading to win back Grace's love (hers and her whole family's), thanks to his little judgment error: kissing Adrian in front of the whole school. Too bad - or good thing? - Grace doesn't know what else happened, even if Jack did tell everybody in the whole locker room... And Jack's not the only big mouth on campus. Thanks to Lauren and Madison's gossipy ways, the whole school knows that Amy and Ricky had one fateful night at band camp together. Of course, it inevitably gets back to Ben, and boy, is he upset. So's Amy, who starts giving her BFFs the silent treatment. But she eventually forgives them, as so often happens in girl land. Speaking of the silent treatment, Grace can't seem to give Jack the cold shoulder for too long, even if her parents won't let her see him ever again. But maybe they have good reason - after all, he lies through his teeth when Grace asks what happened between him and Adrian. Grace totally buys into the lie, and things are good between them... for now. And as for the happy new couple, things are about to get a lot more serious, because Ben just dropped the big L bomb. And he's even willing to overlook the whole Ricky thing. Amy's so smitten, she's almost forgotten there's another B bomb about to come. Until next time...

  • I Feel Sick
    There've been some changes in Amy's figure since we last saw her - she's gained baby weight and a killer appetite, to boot. To make matters worse, a close encounter of the gas station kind between potential grandmother Anne and Dr. Jean Hightower reveals that Anne is still as clueless as ever. The rest of the town is not, however, thanks to the gossip mill. Meanwhile, Ben's still working on planning the perfect first kiss with Amy, while Ricky's hatching a plan of his own - a selfless one, for once! He's going to help Grace sneak around behind her parents' back by pretending to date her, and then safely escort her into Jack's arms. But is it so selfless? Adrian doesn't seem to think so, but she'd never admit that she's actually... jealous. Later, at the fair, all the usual suspects are coupled up: Alice and Henry, Amy and Ben, and Grace and Jack (hey, he can get over his Ricky hatred if this plan involves make-out sessions). But when Ben tries to kiss Amy after the carousel, she gets a serious case of nausea and throws up all that food she just ate. Talk about ruining Ben's painstakingly planned moment. Looks like the only serious winner at the fair turns out to be Ricky, who scores serious points with the Bowmans when he brings Grace home safe and sound from their "date." Unexpected, right? But Ben's not willing to give up his romantic vision yet. He shows up at Amy's house and executes that first kiss, flawlessly. All could be well in Amy's world, except that now sister Ashley's figured out she's pregnant... and from the looks of it, there's a lot more drama to come before everybody gets to their (hopefully) happy endings.

  • Caught
    The whole town's thrown into a tizzy when good girl Grace is caught on tape doing something bad. When two guys harass her on a street corner after dark (following another of her secret meetings with Jack, of course), Grace rises to the occasion and threatens them with a broken beer bottle, street-fighter-style. All of a sudden, Ricky jumps in to save her, and both of them are caught on camera... and Ricky's not wearing a shirt. (That's because he'd just been sleeping at Adrian's.) Thanks to the local news show, which airs the whole thing, these two would-be warriors become overnight celebrities. While the Bowmans are trying to figure out how to punish Grace for going behind their backs, the Juergens see Ashley suddenly turn into a good girl, which raises red flags. As does a certain piece of gossip dad hears at the store, about one of his girls having sex (wonder who THAT could be?). Looks like Amy can't keep her big secret under wraps much longer, because by now the whole school knows she slept with Ricky... and the Bowmans know she's pregnant. Even AMY is ready to spill the beans, but her parents don't believe her when she confesses she's been having sex. Maybe they're just too distracted, what with Anne being so busy worrying about whether or not GEORGE is having sex with another woman. Meanwhile, Grace decides to punish herself by quitting the cheerleading squad, and to punish Jack by taking Ricky to church. Jack's got his own tricks up his sleeve: He's going to take Adrian to church too. While those four are going at it, Ben and Amy are working out some serious relationship issues - especially after Ben's dad brings up the suspicion that Amy might be pregnant. Is Ben going to use their study session as a chance to confront Amy? And where is Amy's dad going with that overnight duffel bag? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

  • What Have You Done To Me?
    Ben and Amy are at odds about what to do: He's thinking marriage, while she's thinking adoption. Elsewhere, Ashley and Amy plead with their dad not to leave home, Ricky uses charm to impress Grace's family, and Adrian and Jack grow closer.

  • Love For Sale
    After much delay, Amy tells her mother that she's pregnant. Meanwhile, on a day Amy doesn't show up at school, rumors circulate that she took off in order to "take care of" her problem.

  • Absent
    Amy weighs her options regarding where she resides. Meanwhile, Ricky wrestles with taking responsibility for his actions.

  • Your Cheatin' Heart
    Amy's grandma visits the family and offers to help out with Amy's situation. Elsewhere, Adrian makes sure her budding friendship with Grace is on display for all to see.

  • Slice Of Life
    Amy and Ashley spend some time bonding with their dad, while Adrian locates her estranged father. Elsewhere, Tom has a little party for himself, complete with pizza - and a stripper; and Jason and Madison see Lauren kissing Ricky.

  • Back To School Special
    Amy finally makes a decision regarding school. Elsewhere, Adrian's mom suggests that she develop a relationship with her dad, and Henry and Alice take a new step in their relationship.

  • Just Say No
    Adrian disappears from school, which sparks a salacious rumor and a call to the police from her dad. Meanwhile, Grace receives multiple warnings about Ricky, and Amy and Ben mull the next move in their relationship.

  • The Secret Wedding Of The American Teenager
    After Amy hears that she needs to find a job, she and Ben decide to get married. Meanwhile, Anne informs George she wants a divorce, and George moves into their garage to save money; and Ricky continues to seek out a relationship with Grace.

  • Baked Nevada
    George and Leo bust in on Amy and Ben's wedding reception and break the news that their marriage is not legal since they used fake ID's. When George returns home, he tells Amy not to tell her mother. But, when Anne feels isolated, she and George end up sleeping together, which doesn't change the fact that she still wants a divorce. Meanwhile, Tom wants to marry his new girlfriend, Tammy, Grace is in love with Ricky, but he's still seeing Adrian on the side, and Jack takes responsibility for making the fake ID's. Anne is hurt when she finds out about the marriage and tries to impress on Amy and Ben the great responsibility that lies ahead of them.

  • The Father And The Son
    Ricky's sexually abusive father, Bob, returns to town in search of his son, but he's up to no good when he first pays a visit to Amy and her family and later threatens Ricky with the possibility of selling the baby. Amy reveals to her parents that Ricky has been sexually abused by his father and Anne suggests that they should seriously consider what's best for the baby adoption. For the first time Amy seriously considers giving her baby up for adoption and discusses it with Ben and Ricky, who both want her to keep the baby, but for very different reasons. Anne seeks out Rev. Stone's advice to see if he knows any nice families who are looking to adopt.

  • That's Enough Of That
    Amy is excited to find out the sex of her baby, but Ben is hurt to discover that she doesn't want him there for the news. After hearing that Ricky's father molested him, a devastated Adrian calls her father and asks him to arrest Ricky's father, Bob. Ricky later admits to Grace's parents that he loves her, but won't be seeing her anymore because he doesn't want to put her in danger. Meanwhile, Jack is tutoring in a tough neighborhood (as his community service for making fake ID's) and makes a discovery that will hopefully put Bob away for a long time.

  • Chocolate Cake
    Amy invites Ricky over to discuss adoption options and is upset when Ricky invites Ben to be a part of it. At the meeting they bicker causing Amy to declare that either Ricky will keep the baby or they are giving it to a nice family who will take care of it. George is approached by his gay coworker and partner who would like to adopt Amy's baby, and he likes the idea very much. Meanwhile, with Ricky's father back in jail, Adrian tells Grace that she can date Ricky again. Frustrated by Ricky, Adrian fools around with her step-brother, Max, who drops by to find out if his step-father is cheating on his mother. And, Jack hooks up with his mentoree's sister, Shawna, only to be heartbroken when he finds out she has a boyfriend.

  • Unforgiven
    Ben and Amy's relationship hits a rough patch when Ben tells her he needs some space. Elsewhere, Anne and George interview people who are interested in adopting Amy's baby.

  • Making Up Is Hard To Do
    Ricky tries to ruin the adoption. Elsewhere, Ashley goes to Ben and attempts to persuade him to go back to Amy.

  • Money For Nothing And Chicks For Free
    A possible employment opportunity opens up for Anne. Elsewhere, Adrian makes an effort to change her style, and Jack continues to help those in need by raising funds for underprivileged children.

  • Maybe Baby
    A jealous George decides to make up a little white lie and tell Anne he's learned that David is both gay and deaf in one ear from a figure-skating injury.

  • Whoomp! There It Is
    Amy's baby shower is tomorrow, and Adrian's slacking on her party-planning duties: She hasn't even sent out the invites!

  • One Night At Band Camp
    Amy is in the hospital and slides in and out of sleep as she waits to get her epidural during labor. When awake, she's angry and is barking demands at those by her side, but while asleep she dreams about how she got to this point. As Amy dozes, viewers flashback to see Ricky notice his next conquest, Amy, at band camp. Ricky actively pursues Amy by complimenting her and giving her his undivided attention. Through her voiceover, it's clear that Amy is charmed by him and can't believe this new cute guy wants to be with her. But it's not just Amy and Ricky's relationship that viewers learn more about in these flashbacks: They also see the beginning of Jack and Grace's relationship; Ben getting his braces off and looking forward to an awesome freshman year; and Adrian disapproving of her mom getting involved with Mr. Juergens. Back in real time, Grace's brother, Tom, tries to give her back her promise ring and tells Jack that Grace misses him. While Grace considers getting back together with Jack, Adrian admits she still has feelings for Ricky.

  • And Unto Us, A Child Is Born
    Friends and family are all gathered at the hospital eagerly awaiting the arrival of Amy's baby. Ben and Ricky discuss their future relationship - Ricky as the father and Ben as the future stepfather to the baby - they agree to forge a friendship. Adrian shows up to support Ricky, while Grace tells Ricky that she's getting back together with Jack. After hours of labor the baby is finally born, and a deliriously tired Amy and Ashley decide to name him together. Once at home, Amy has a tough time transitioning to being a new mom. Ricky visits his newborn son and realizes he might enjoy fatherhood. Meanwhile, Ashley and George surprise Anne by packing up a moving truck and moving out of the family home.
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