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Pushing Daisies

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Secret Life EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • The Big One
    Anne is dealing with the surprising news of her own pregnancy, while Amy is slowly adjusting to motherhood and a new life filled with midnight feedings and diaper changes. Meanwhile, Grace and Jack renew their relationship, Ben struggles to find his place with Amy now that Ricky has actively taken on the role of father, and an unexpected tragedy for one of the teens changes everything.

  • What's Done Is Done
    Grace is plagued with guilt. Meanwhile, Ben tries to figure out where he fits in Amy's life.

  • Par For The Course
    Ricky tries to help Grace after she withdraws from everyone.

  • Ciao
    Amy needs assistance with her chaotic schedule, so her dad and sister lend her a hand. Meanwhile, Ben makes plans for the summer.

  • Born Free
    Grace shares a secret. Elsewhere, Amy tries to devise a way to tag along with Ben on his trip.

  • The Summer Of Our Discontent
    Amy is jealous when she realizes Ben is going on a summer trip, while she has to continue working and going to school.

  • Summertime
    Summer vacations come to an end, and George reveals something to Anne.

  • A New Kind Of Green
    Adrian tries to get George and Anne to reconcile, but her motives are selfish.

  • Hot Nuts
    Amy and Adrian's quarreling begins to get out of hand, so Ricky steps in to mediate.

  • Knocked Up, Who's There?
    Amy attempts to keep Ben interested in her. Elsewhere, Grace proves to be an influence on Adrian.

  • Cramped
    Amy envies her sister's new room in the garage. Elsewhere, Adrian tells Ricky she's moved on after he realizes he wants to be with her.

  • Be My, Be My Baby
    Relationships are put to the test when Grace and Jack make some difficult decisions about their relationship, Amy and Ben try to improve theirs, Adrian and Ricky decide to pursue counseling and it's revealed that Grace's mom, Kathleen, is dating a younger man. Meanwhile, as George and Ashley pack their bags to move back into the Juergens' home, Anne goes into labor and may not make it to the hospital in time!

  • You Don't Know What You've Got...
    Amy and Anne decide to take their babies and escape their problems by going on vacation - and things back at home start to fall apart in their absence. George struggles to come to terms with the fact that Robie might not be his son. Ben's Italian girlfriend pays him a visit and hes sick thinking about Amy's reaction - he can't decide if he wants to be with Amy or if he wants to be a normal teenager and date other girls. Grace and Jack hash out their relationship problems and Grace reveals that she kissed Jason, but only after Jack confesses to kissing Madison. Ashley begins to feel suffocated by Griffin's friendship and Ricky realizes he has to take charge and demand that Amy return home with their son.

  • Til It's Gone
    With Maria in town, Ben is torn between doing the honorable thing and staying faithful to Amy or doing what his heart is telling him and resuming his Italian summer fling. During their visit to Mimsy's house, Anne runs into her old high school flame, Josh, while Amy flirts with his son, Jimmy. Ricky finally confronts Amy about legal visitation rights to John and, with the help of Reuben, will fight for his rights as a father.

  • Loved & Lost
    Financial issues have Ricky and Adrian at odds. Meanwhile, Amy and Ben try to work out the problems in their relationship.

  • Just Say Me
    Amy and Adrian take a new approach to life: They ignore the opinions of others and focus on themselves. This mindset then becomes popular, and their classmates follow their lead.

  • The Second Time Around
    Amy goes on a date with the new guy, Jimmy, the son of her mom's high school sweetheart, while Griffin sets Ashley up on a surprise date with his cousin, Grant. Grace invites Ben over which ends up being their first date and she gives him a kiss as he leaves. To his surprise, Amy actually gives Ricky the okay when he asks to have Adrian over to help watch John. George heads out to Mimsy's house, where Anne is staying, to try and convince her that he loves her and wants her to come home.

  • Let's Try That Again
    After what she thought was an enjoyable first date, Jimmy doesn't call Amy. Is it because she's a bad kisser? Ricky offers to help her practice and Ashley catches the two in a lip lock. Adrian's parents are getting married, and in an effort to further strengthen Adrian and Ricky's relationship, Adrian asks Ricky to invite his foster parents to the ceremony to serve as witnesses. Anne insists that she and George seek therapy before they officially decide whether to get back together. All the girls prepare for a much-hyped mother/daughter dance at Grant High School.

  • The Rhythm Of Life
    The new school counselor, Dr. Bink, organizes Grant High School's first mother/daughter dance during which each group learns a great deal about the other and their respective personal lives. To the surprise of Amy and Ashley, Anne reveals that she and George are getting remarried, and Ben comes to the realization that he is still in love with Amy. Amy still hasn't heard from Jimmy after their date. While the girls are off with their moms at the school dance, Ricky babysits John at the Juergens' house. Ruben, there playing poker with George, learns that Ricky kissed Amy, but vows not to tell Adrian and to allow Ricky to tell her himself. Meanwhile, Adrian jumps to conclusions, assuming that something more is going on between Ricky and Amy, and in an effort to get back at them, goes after Ben. Cindy talks about her wedding plans to Ruben, and Kathleen admits she too has found a man she wants to marry.

  • Mistakes Were Made
    Ben and Adrian have to deal with the repercussions from last week's stunning turn of events at the school dance. Friends and family deal with the fallout which includes Ricky leaving town, and Ben convinced more than ever that he wants to be with Amy. Meanwhile, Anne and George work towards getting back together. While Amy turns to Jimmy for comfort, Ashley is developing feelings of her own for Griffin's cousin, Grant. And Anne and George, who is ready to get remarried, seek relationship advice from a therapist.

  • Choices
    Ricky talks to his mother about his abusive childhood. Elsewhere, George gets a makeover to achieve a more modern look.

  • Good Girls & Boys
    Ricky returns to town and, with his foster parents' support, tells Amy he wants to have John on the weekends and is willing to take her to court to get him. Ben and Ricky get into a fight when they talk about what happened between Ben and Adrian, and Ricky and Amy. Adrian is upset that Ricky doesn't want to be with her. Grace thinks her mom's at home honeymoon is too much to handle. Anne tells George that she will re-marry him on their next anniversary, but only live together for the time being to see how it goes.

  • I Got You, Babe
    Ricky is ready to fight for visitation of John and asks Ruben for his legal help. George gives Anne an ultimatum he wants to be married by Leo and Betty's wedding, which is just one week away. Grace and Ben spend a romantic evening at her house, while Adrian helps Amy enlist friends to make supportive video statements in preparation of Ricky taking her to court. Meanwhile, Ashley contemplates taking her relationship with Grant to the next level.

  • Ben There, Done That
    John celebrates his first birthday. Meanwhile, Adrian has a big secret.
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