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Pushing Daisies

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Secret Life EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Do Over
    Adrian tells Ben that she's not pregnant, much to his relief, but he questions whether she's telling the truth. Unbeknownst to Anne, George takes Ashley to the doctor to discuss birth control options. Jack's parents are moving out of town for a new job and give him the option to stay with a friend while he finishes school. Amy is confused about why Ben is avoiding her after he professed his love to her, and Ricky takes an interest in Ashley.

  • Accentuate The Positive
    Though Ben and Amy are excited to be back together, Amy weighs an opportunity to study music over the summer in New York, but has to juggle her responsibilities as a mother, and Ben is still uncertain if Adrian has been honest with him. Meanwhile, Ashley skips school to help comfort Adrian through bouts of morning sickness, and Ricky, who overhears that Adrian might be pregnant, goes to confront her about it. And Jack is desperately trying to find someone to stay with so that his parents can move away.

  • Get Out Of Town
    Amy must make a decision about going to New York for a summer music program, and although her heart wants to stay with John, her family and friends encourage her to not miss out on the amazing opportunity. Leo talks to Ben about doing the right thing concerning Adrian, but Ben is not sure what that is. Meanwhile, Adrian is struggling to decide what the best decision is for her life - whether to keep the baby or not. Leo invites Ruben to dinner and tells him that Adrian is pregnant. Ricky decides to move into the Juergens home to help care for John, which creates an interesting scenario for he and Ashley.

  • Goodbye, Amy Juergens
    Amy, still unaware that Adrian is pregnant, is off to New York for the summer, and she and Ben profess their love at the airport. In the early morning hours, Ben goes to Ricky's apartment for advice on Adrian, and finds that Ricky has a new love interest. Adrian looks to her mother for guidance, who talks about her own experience as a teen mother and offers her support for whatever Adrian decides. George is worried about Amy being alone in New York, and about Ricky moving into Amy's room while she's gone to help care for John, putting Ricky and Ashley under one roof. Ruben and Cindy realize they are at odds over Adrian's decision. And Adrian receives a surprise proposal.

  • Which Way Did She Go?
    With Amy away in New York at music camp, a ridiculous rumor that she is pregnant again spreads through school. Adrian has decided she does not want to keep the baby, but her parents argue over whose choice that should be. Jack moves into the Bowmans' guest house with Tom, and Ricky is living with the Juergens to help with John. Ashley and Ricky share an intimate moment.

  • She Went That A'way
    News spreads about Adrian's choice regarding her pregnancy. However, Amy is still in the dark about the whole matter, thanks to Ben.

  • New York, New York
    Ben travels to New York City to visit Amy and tell her about Adrian's pregnancy. Elsewhere, Ricky gets reacquainted with his mother.

  • The Sounds Of Silence
    Amy contacts Adrian and offers her support. Meanwhile, Ricky seeks assistance from Ruben; and George arranges a romantic rendezvous with Anne. Michael Imperioli guest stars as Adrian's ob-gyn.

  • Chicken Little
    Ben is still frustrated that Amy refuses to speak with him, and focuses his anger towards Ricky. After being approached by Adrian's father, Ricky agrees to speak to Adrian and attempts to form a friendship. While it seems in everyone's best interest for the two to be friends, Ashley is not happy with the idea because her heart still pines for Ricky. Meanwhile, Grace sets up a double date for her and Grant, but their evening is interrupted by Jack who may still have feelings for the girl he used to love.

  • My Girlfriend's Back
    Ben's father decides to throw Ben and his friends a summer party at their house, during which Ashley reveals that Ricky has gone to New York to see Amy, infuriating both Ben and Adrian. In New York, in a surprisingly intimate moment, Amy and Ricky discuss their future and if they have a chance of ever being together. Back at home, Adrian has her first ultrasound in which she and Ben get the first look of their child together. With this new reality, Ben thinks that marrying Adrian might not be such a bad idea, but are his actions sincere or is the real intention to try and win Amy back?

  • Lady Liberty
    When Ricky returns from New York, everyone wants to know what happened between him and Amy over the weekend, but neither will speak of the events. Although their time together appeared to have been emotional, and a possible step in the direction of becoming a couple, Ricky falls right back into his old ways. George and Anne call Amy to tell her of their marriage plans. With all the drama erupting at home, Amy's friends take her out to a club in New York, where they later give her a cake wishing her a happy birthday, an occasion that none of her family or friends back home seemed to remember. If Amy's problems weren't bad enough, Ben and Adrian derive a plan to become engaged only to get Amy back for Ben, and Ricky back for Adrian.

  • Sweet And Sour
    With only a few days remaining until Amy returns home, Ricky cannot seem to remain faithful to her. And if the tension wasn't thick enough already, Adrian has an unfortunate pregnancy scare that takes her to the emergency room. With their emotions running high, Ben and Adrian have a huge fight, leaving Adrian in tears. Once Ben realizes how much Adrian and their unborn baby mean to him, he delivers a heartfelt apology with a special gift. And haven't spent so much time dealing with his son's problems, Ben's dad has become unsure of his own marriage to Betty. Meanwhile, Jack and Madison are forbidden to see each other, and Jack tries to prevent Grace from seeing Grant.

  • Up All Night
    Ricky and Amy decide to explore whether they still have chemistry. Meanwhile, Grace and Grant grow closer.

  • Rules Of Engagement
    Amy and Anne think that George is being unfaithful again. Meanwhile, Amy goes out with Ricky; and Grace and Grant prepare for camp.

  • Who Do You Trust
    Ricky's birth mom unexpectedly reenters his life. Meanwhile, Amy wants her relationship with Ricky to progress; Ben and Adrian learn the sex of their baby; and Ashley conveys her desired to be homeschooled to her new guidance counselor.

  • Mirrors
    Amy meets Ricky's mom, Nora, for the first time. Nora is convinced that Amy looks like her when she was a teenager, and while Amy finds this funny, Ricky is not amused. In an effort to try and work on his relationship with his mother but maintain some independence, Ricky asks his foster parents if Nora can live with them. Ben discovers his true feelings for Adrian and they discuss moving in together, but when she says she wouldn't want to live with anyone before marriage, Ben makes a life-changing decision about their future. Meanwhile Grant tells Grace that he loves her, which brings them even closer, and when Madison dumps Jack for an older man who happens to be her boss - her father is not pleased.

  • Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner
    Ricky convinces his birth mom, Nora, to move in with his foster parents, who lay out some ground rules for their home. Amy helps convince Ricky that he should introduce their son, John, to Nora, but when he finds out a shocking revelation about his mother, he might change his mind. Ashley struggles with home schooling, and George is trying to figure out how to be a good father to his teenage girls. Ben and Adrian realize their true love for each other, and their parents discuss the possibility of their children getting married. Ben plans a romantic evening and asks Adrian a very important question.

  • Another Proposal
    Amy is upset and a little jealous that Adrian and Ben are getting married. George is feeling lonely without Anne, so he visits Ricky and ends up meeting Nora, whom he finds attractive. Adrian is in full wedding planning mode and driving everyone crazy - including Ben, who wants the marriage, but not a big wedding. While Amy and Ashley are away visiting Anne for the weekend, Amy is fixated on the wedding and thinks that she and Ricky should be the ones getting married, not Adrian and Ben. Meanwhile, Ricky tries to convince Ben not to marry Adrian, to take the pressure off himself. But Amy rushes back home to surprise Ricky with a question of her own.

  • Deeper And Deeper
    Ricky is still reeling from Amy asking him to marry her; he doesn't even want to think about getting married until they've both graduated from high school. Amy seems happy because, although he didn't say yes, he also didn't say no - and their relationship seems to be stronger than ever. Meanwhile, Adrian and Ben are shopping for condos, but they can't quite agree on one they like. Adrian and Amy end up sharing some advice about the respective men in their lives and how to get what they want from them. Grace tells her mother she plans on sleeping over at Grant's, while George thinks that he and Ashley both need a friend. George finds a fellow homeschooled study buddy for Ashley, and asks Nora out on a date. But their "date" is interrupted when they run into her girlfriend at the restaurant.

  • Moving In And Out
    George and Ashley are not happy that Amy has decided to move in with Ricky, but Amy insists this is the best thing for them. When Leo talks to Ricky about his future, including college, Ricky also starts to rethink whether this is a good idea. Amy and Adrian have an uncomfortable discussion over their relationships, as it seems more like a competition - Adrian & Ben versus Amy & Ricky. Adrian is still super excited about the wedding, but starts to feel a little insecure about her pregnant body and seduces Ben to make her feel better. As Ricky realizes that he truly loves Amy, she pulls back and rethinks the living situation altogether.

  • Young At Heart
    The wedding planning continues as Adrian shops for dresses and Amy and Grace agree to plan a shower in her honor. Grace accompanies Adrian shopping for wedding dresses and helps find something that works with her growing baby bump. Amy reluctantly agrees to co-host a baby shower with Grace for Adrian, since they threw one for her. Ricky is becoming increasingly impatient with Amy, as she continues to hold him at bay in taking their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, Grant and Grace set up a meeting of the parents, and Grace is surprised to learn that Grant's parents are a May/December romance.

  • Loose Lips
    Ben jeopardizes his friendship with Amy when he comes to Adrian's defense.

  • Round II
    Quarreling continues among the kids, despite the festive baby shower being held for Adrian.

  • It's Not Over Till It's Over
    Adrian and Ben prepare for their wedding, with each putting on a brave face for the other. Independently, however, Adrian confides to Tom, and Ben to Amy, that each is nervous about impending parenthood and is having second thoughts about getting married so quickly. Meanwhile, Ricky and Amy discuss Ben and Adrian's doubts, but agree not to say anything and let them move forward with the wedding.

  • To Be...
    Adrian and Ben are settled into their condo as Mr. and Mrs. Boykewich. Katelyn, the guidance counselor, and Grace plan a little celebration at the school to welcome the newlyweds. Adrian loves all the attention, which upsets Amy. Ricky invites Amy to a romantic night away to show her how much he truly loves her. As Adrian and Ben are trying to fall asleep in their new condo, she feels something odd and calls the doctor.

  • ...Or Not To Be
    Adrian and Ben prepare for the imminent arrival of their daughter. When Adrian experiences discomfort, the couple - believing she is about to go into labor - are instructed by their doctor to leave for the hospital. Ben and Adrian agree not to call anyone until they know more, but as word spreads she is in the hospital, family and friends gather there to share the joyous occasion. But the couple learn some devastating news that will change their lives forever and will need those closest to them for support.
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