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Pushing Daisies

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Secret Life EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • To Begin With...
    Ricky and Amy decide to run off together to escape all the drama at home with Anne's recent announcement that she's gay and Ashley's return home. But, will they decide to say 'I Do'? Meanwhile, Ben struggles with the knowledge that he may have contributed to burning down Dylan's school. And, now that Adrian is done with summer school and graduated, she's looking forward to college and Grace makes some difficult decisions about her relationships.

  • Shotgun
    Ricky and Amy return home to find a house full of anxious family members waiting to hear their big news. Leo becomes increasingly suspicious and talks to Dylan's parents about their possible involvement in the school fire. Grace continues to shun Adrian and tout her new found faith. Meanwhile, Anne discovers that Ashley and Toby have taken their relationship to the next level and that she's considering going away to cooking school in Italy.

  • I Do And I Don't
    Amy returns to the first day of school to a surprise flash mob in celebration of her nuptials. Amy is overwhelmed by the celebration and is also surprised to find out she's been assigned to mentor a new freshman student, Kathy, who happens to be six months pregnant. Ricky runs into Adrian at the college library. Ben is upset to hear that Amy and Ricky are married and makes a revelation to Amy about his true feelings. Amy and Ricky watch their wedding video which shows what really happened that day.

  • Lies And Byes
    Ricky wants to come clean about them not being married, but Amy wants to go on pretending because of how happy everyone is. Anne and George discover that Ashley ran off to cooking school in Italy by herself. Ben goes to Ruben to confess that he may have burned down Dylan's school and is advised to get a lawyer. Meanwhile, Amy and Ricky's friends and family all want to throw them a wedding reception, despite their protests.

  • Past History
    Ricky tries to convince Amy that they should come clean with their family and friends that they're not really married, but Amy doesn't see a good reason to let everyone in on their secret since everyone is so happy. Ethan has his eye on the new freshman girl, Kathy, who also happens to be Amy's pregnant mentee. On his first day of college Ricky runs into Clementine, an old friend from foster care, who is now a gorgeous co-ed attending the same college, along with his old pals Adrian and Jack. George promises Kathleen that he's in their relationship for the long haul. Meanwhile, Ben finds out he might be off the hook with the police for the school fire, but he's not off the hook with Leo.

  • Holy Rollers
    Grace persuades her friends to attend church, but her plan doesn't come together as she expected.

  • Girlfriends
    Amy encourages Kathy to make new girlfriends at school, but she ends up with the wrong crowd when the mean girls are the only ones who will be befriend her because she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Amy reaches out to Grace and invites her and Jack over for dinner with Ricky and John. But, things go sour when Ricky also invites Clementine over. Alice tells Leo about Ben's plan to sneak around with Dylan, and Henry has a revelation of his own.

  • Setting Things Straight
    Amy envies Ricky's life as a college student.

  • Property Not For Sale
    Ben and Amy have a candid discussion about their relationship.

  • Regrets
    Adrian and Omar consider living together. Elsewhere, Anne starts making plans for Amy's wedding.

  • Half Over
    Everyone is devastated to find out Jack is in the hospital after getting severely beaten up. Amy and Ricky fight over Amy's college plans, but the fight is about much more. Ben reveals to Amy that he knows the truth about her marriage to Ricky, which prompts her to want to move up the wedding, but Ricky isn't sure if Amy even wants to get married. Ethan is not ready to let Kathy go and shows up at the hospital. Meanwhile, Anne takes a big step in her new relationship and George runs into her ex-boyfriend at the hospital.

  • Hedy's Happy Holiday House
    It's Christmas Eve and Ricky and Amy are celebrating their first holiday together as a family. Ricky talks about an old tradition he had as a kid of sneaking into a toy shop with his fellow foster care friends every Christmas Eve. Ricky, Amy & John decide to continue the tradition and sneak their way into Hedy's and are amazed by the holiday fun inside. Ethan, dressed as Santa to surprise John, brings a very pregnant Kathy with him to join in on the fun. Meanwhile, Grace stays by Jack's side at the hospital hoping for a miracle while he's still in a coma since the beating. But, everyone is in for a holiday surprise when Kathy suddenly goes into labor.
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