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DescriptionShow Description    

Shear GeniusShear Genius  premiered on BRV on April 11, 2007. To win this competition, a group of talented hairstylists from around the world will literally go head-to-head in creative challenges that require more than just talent with a comb and scissors. Whether it's the bob, bouffant, perm, or chignon, hair becomes an art form as the contestants with a flair for hair compete in challenges that could put them one step closer to being crowned a "Shear Genius." From the guy next door to the A-list celebrity, everyone is a potential client and provides a true test of skill. The crop of budding stylists will come from all walks of life and hail from all over the nation. Some will get cut early and others will blow away the competition. Watch what happens!

Season 1-2 Host
Jaclyn Smith
Season 3 Host
Camila Alves
Season 1-2 Lead Judge
Sally Hershberger
Season 1 Judge
Rene Fris
Season 1 Judge
Michael Carl
Season 2 Judge
Kelly Atterton
Season 2-3 Judge
Kim Vo
Season 3 Judge
Jonathan Antin
Season 1 (2007-2008)
(8 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The First Cut (Original Air Date 4/11/2007)
  2. You Have Every Reason To Cry (Original Air Date 4/18/2007)
  3. Show Me Your Genius (Original Air Date 4/25/2007)
  4. I'm A Hair God (Original Air Date 5/2/2007)
  5. The Competition Gets Hairy (Original Air Date 5/9/2007)
  6. Here Comes The Challenge (Original Air Date 5/16/2007)
  7. A Great Shot (Original Air Date 5/23/2007)
  8. The Final Cut (Original Air Date 5/30/2007)
Season 2 (2008-2009)
(10 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. In The Dark (Original Air Date 6/25/2008)
  2. The Best Oranges In The County (Original Air Date 7/2/2008)
  3. Red Carpet Worthy? (Original Air Date 7/9/2008)
  4. Do It Yourself (Original Air Date 7/16/2008)
  5. It Looks Like A Helmet (Original Air Date 7/23/2008)
  6. Hair From Heaven (Original Air Date 7/30/2008)
  7. Every Dog Has His Day (Original Air Date 8/6/2008)
  8. Surprise! (Original Air Date 8/13/2008)
  9. Seeing Double (Original Air Date 8/20/2008)
  10. The Final Cut (Original Air Date 8/27/2008)
Season 3 (2009-2010)
(10 Episodes In Season 3)
  1. A Risque Runway (Original Air Date 2/3/2010)
  2. I'm Totally Stealing Your Model (Original Air Date 2/10/2010)
  3. The Spiral Of My Emotion (Original Air Date 2/17/2010)
  4. I'm Borderline Pissed Off About That Hair (Original Air Date 2/24/2010)
  5. For The First Time I've Scared To Death (Original Air Date 3/3/2010)
  6. It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Annoying (Original Air Date 3/10/2010)
  7. Hotter Than A Gay Bar On Fire (Original Air Date 3/17/2010)
  8. The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God (Original Air Date 3/24/2010)
  9. Bring It On, Bitches (Original Air Date 3/31/2010)
  10. Who Will Prove To Be Shear Genius? (Original Air Date 4/7/2010)
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