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SkinSkin  premiered on FOX on April 28, 20070, 2003. Jerry Bruckheimer and Jim Leonard team to create a new, intense character drama about a world you've never seen. Skin is the story of two young lovers, desperate to be together, but who have two warring families who will do anything to keep them apart, and almost anything to destroy each other. Adam, a 17-year-old Latino from east L.A., meets Jewel, 16, a wealthy, beautiful Westside girl, at a party. They fall for each other, passionately, purely, and completely, before they realize that their parents are at "war." Adam's Latina mother Laura, a judge, and Anglo father Thomas, the Los Angeles District Attorney, are prominent members of the city's judicial system. And, at the moment, Thomas happens to be investigating and prosecuting Jewel's father, Larry, the most successful producer of adult entertainment in Los Angeles. Skin is about sex and race. Skin is about politics. And most of all Skin is about skin: complexion, beauty, desire, attraction, obsession, and prejudice in contemporary Los Angeles. Skin is shot through with black comedy, passion, white-collar crime, scandal, naked ambition, and action.

Adam Roam
D.J. Cotrona
Jewel Goldman
Olivia Wilde
Thomas Roam
Kevin Anderson
Laura Roam
Rachel Ticotin
Larry Goldman
Ron Silver
Pamela Gidley
D.W. Moffett
Season 1 (2003-2004)
8 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 10/20/2003)
  2. Secrets & Lies(Original Air Date 10/27/2003)
  3. Endorsement (Unaired)
  4. Amber Synn (Unaired)
  5. Fidelity (Unaired)
  6. Blowback (Unaired)
  7. True Lies (Unaired)
  8. Family Values (Unaired)
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