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Pushing Daisies

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DescriptionShow Description    

SmashSmash  premiered on NBC on February 6, 2012. This series celebrates the beauty and heartbreak of the Broadway theater as it follows a cross-section of dreamers and schemers who all have one common desire - to be a "Smash." The series centers on a desire to create a Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe - written by the successful songwriting duo of Tom and Julia. Julia recently began the process of adopting a child with her husband of many years, but her focus is torn when she has the opportunity to write another Broadway hit. A rivalry soon forms for the lead role between a youthful, inexperienced Midwestern beauty - who is trying to find fame in the big city against all odds - and stage veteran, who's determined to leave the chorus line and finally get her big break. A tenacious producer Eileen discovers the "Marilyn" project and jumps on board with a brilliant director - whose talent is matched by his cunning and egocentric amorality.

StatusShow Status    

Canceled/ended after 2 seasons; ended on 5/26/2013

Debra Messing
Christian Borle
Katharine McPhee
Jack Davenport
Megan Hilty
Jaime Cepero
Anjelica Huston
Raza Jaffrey
Brian d'Arcy James
Season 1 (2011-2012)
(15 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 2/6/2012)
  2. The Callback (Original Air Date 2/13/2012)
  3. Enter Mr. DiMaggio (Original Air Date 2/20/2012)
  4. The Cost Of Art (Original Air Date 2/27/2012)
  5. Let's Be Bad (Original Air Date 3/5/2012)
  6. Chemistry (Original Air Date 3/12/2012)
  7. The Workshop (Original Air Date 3/19/2012)
  8. The Coup (Original Air Date 3/26/2012)
  9. Hell On Earth (Original Air Date 4/2/2012)
  10. Understudy (Original Air Date 4/9/2012)
  11. The Movie Star (Original Air Date 4/16/2012)
  12. Publicity (Original Air Date 4/23/2012)
  13. Tech (Original Air Date 4/30/2012)
  14. Previews (Original Air Date 5/7/2012)
  15. Bombshell (Original Air Date 5/14/2012)
  • Season 2 (2012-2013)
    (17 Episodes In Season 2)
    1. On Broadway (Original Air Date 2/5/2013)
    2. The Fallout (Original Air Date 2/5/2013)
    3. The Dramaturg (Original Air Date 2/19/2013)
    4. The Song (Original Air Date 2/26/2013)
    5. The Read Through (Original Air Date 3/5/2013)
    6. The Fringe (Original Air Date 3/12/2013)
    7. Musical Chairs (Original Air Date 3/19/2013)
    8. The Bells And Whistles (Original Air Date 3/26/2013)
    9. The Parents (Original Air Date 4/2/2013)
    10. The Surprise Party (Original Air Date 4/6/2013)
    11. The Dress Rehearsal (Original Air Date 4/13/2013)
    12. Opening Night (Original Air Date 4/20/2013)
    13. The Producers (Original Air Date 4/27/2013)
    14. The Phenomenon (Original Air Date 5/4/2013)
    15. The Transfer (Original Air Date 5/11/2013)
    16. The Nominations (Original Air Date 5/26/2013)
    17. The Tonys (Original Air Date 5/26/2013)
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