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DescriptionShow Description    

My So-Called LifeMy So-Called Life premiered on August 25, 1994. The show is about Angela Chase, a 15-year-old girl entering adolescence, complete with the usual trials and tribulations any teen faces in life. Like The Wonder Years, this show features voice-overs by Angela, so we can tell what she is thinking at the time and gain some insight into her life.

Angela Chase
Claire Danes
Patty Chase
Bess Armstrong
Graham Chase
Tom Irwin
Danielle Chase
Wilson Cruz
Sharon Cherski
Devon Odessa
Brian Krakow
Devon Gummersall
Rayanne Graff
A.J. Langer
Jordan Catalano
Jared Leto
Season 1 (1994-1995)
19 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 8/25/1994)
  2. Dancing In The Dark (Original Air Date 9/1/1994)
  3. Guns And Gossip (Original Air Date 9/8/1994)
  4. Father Figures (Original Air Date 9/15/1994)
  5. The Zit (Original Air Date 9/22/1994)
  6. The Substitute (Original Air Date 9/29/1994)
  7. Why Jordan Can't Read (Original Air Date 10/6/1994)
  8. Strangers In The House (Original Air Date 10/20/1994)
  9. Halloween (Original Air Date 10/27/1994)
  10. Other People's Mothers (Original Air Date 11/3/1994)
  11. Life Of Brian (Original Air Date 11/10/1994)
  12. Self-Esteem (Original Air Date 11/17/1994)
  13. Pressure (Original Air Date 12/1/1994)
  14. On The Wagon (Original Air Date 12/8/1994)
  15. So-Called Angels (Original Air Date 12/22/1994)
  16. Resolutions (Original Air Date 1/5/1995)
  17. Betrayal (Original Air Date 1/12/1995)
  18. Weekend (Original Air Date 1/19/1995)
  19. In Dreams Begin Responsibilites (Original Air Date 1/26/1995)
  • My So-Called Life: The Complete Series
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