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Pushing Daisies

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Solved EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Written In Blood
    Tim Permenter finds his girlfriend, Karen Pannell's lifeless body lying in a pool of blood. Police see a clue on a wall near her body written in blood, the word "Roc". But did Karen write the words herself?

  • Gone But Not Forgotten
    29-year-old Summer Baldwin is found dead inside of a suitecase. Surveillance shows a man buying the exact same suitcase Summer would later be found dead in. As detectives build their case, they learn Summer might not be his only victim.

  • Impediment To Riches
    A millionaire, his wife, and their daughter are all found shot to death in their California home. With a long list of potential suspects, investigators spend three years analyzing every piece of the puzzle and make an arrest that shocks everyone.

  • Truth In Shadows
    The body of Jennifer Myers is found in her art and frame shop. Investigators determine the 44-year-old mother of two died of multiple gun shot wounds. With little evidence, detectives soon uncover an alarming link between Jennifer and her killer.

  • A Test Of Time
    Dana Satterfield is found strangled to death in the back room of her beauty salon. A solid alibi clears Dana's husband of any suspicion. As other leads are exhausted, the case turns cold - until an individual comes forward with a dark secret.

  • The Green Dragon
    Great-grandparents are slain by a killer with a shotgun.

  • Sin
    A woman's body at a church.

  • Betrayal
    The murder of Ronald Whitehead, initially believed to be the result of a carjacking, is detailed.

  • No Way Out
    Caught on surveillance video, Rhonda Ward-Goodwin is seen forced into her car by an unknown man and driven away. With little evidence, detectives do not have much to go on, until Rhonda's car is found engulfed in flames a week later.

  • Last Man Standing
    Paramedics respond to a horrific crime scene - a woman is found tied to a bed with slashes across her body. Next to her on the floor, a man with three gunshot wounds. Detectives spend the next several years unraveling this bizarre mystery.

  • Life And Death
    Bobbie Jo Stinnett is found strangled to death in her home. Known to be eight months pregnant, paramedics are shocked to find that Bobbie Jo's fetus has been removed through a crude cesarean section. Investigators race to find the newborn.

  • Poisoned By Love
    After David Castor is found dead from poisoning, his wife and stepdaughter are both suspected of crafting the murder plot. The investigation takes an unexpected twist when one suspect attempts to kill the other.

  • Lost Decades
    In 1980, Karin Strom is found strangled to death. A seemingly open and shut case turns into a 26-year 'who done it?' DNA taken from three prime suspects is compared to DNA recovered from the victim. The results are startling.
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