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Pushing Daisies

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Shark Tank EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Episode 205
    The Sharks are stunned to discover the shark-like exploits of a sweet-faced sister duo with a children's dance company; a chef from Tennessee hopes to whet the Sharks' appetites with his delectable seafood products; and a winemaker from Oregon believes he has a game-changing new product that will revolutionize the wine industry. Also, an entrepreneur with a line of men's accessories has his hopes set on partnering with Daymond John - but his big mouth infuriates this Shark and could jeopardize the entire deal.

  • Episode 202
    The air in the Shark Tank gets emotionally charged between the Sharks and a daring entrepreneur when one of the Sharks is willing to part with $4 million dollars of his own money for a business - the largest sum in the show's history. When the Sharks all like the idea from a young woman who rents toys in the same way as DVDs, they fight each other for a piece of it. Also, an extreme sports enthusiast introduces a hip, new product that has the Sharks hopping; and a man shows how his "Wake 'N Bacon" device provides an aromatic morning wake-up call. And there's an update on last season's Granola Gourmet owner, Jeff Cohen, whom Kevin O'Leary called "radioactive."

  • Episode 206
    For the first time, there will be children seeking a business investment from the Sharks for an idea they came up with while on a family road trip. Also in this episode, a stay-at-home mom who taught herself carpentry and started a furniture business has the Sharks fighting for a piece of it; an entrepreneur brings an innovative secret formula to the Tank; and a personal trainer believes he has the next hot trend in fitness equipment. In addition, there'll be a follow-up with Grill Charms' owner, Leslie Haywood, to see what making a deal with Robert Herjavec has done for her barbeque accessory.

  • Episode 203
    While successful comedian and businessman Jeff Foxworthy makes his debut as a guest "Shark" investor, Vincent Pastore ("The Sopranos") becomes the first celebrity to pitch a business proposition to the Sharks. He and his New Jersey business partner present a novel idea that could have everyone holding on tighter to their money. Also, a flight attendant and her husband, from Georgia, believe their unique portable child's seat will help make traveling with kids much easier; an entrepreneur from Dallas believes he has revolutionized the sweat band; another entrepreneur from North Carolina has an emotional attachment to a business his father started before he passed away; and there'll be an update on Tiffany Krumin, the maker of Ava the Elephant, a device that went from a home-made prototype to a mass-produced product sold in retail chains nationwide.

  • Episode 115
    Having borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from her brother, a former military housewife from Yellow Springs, Ohio refuses to give up on her business to spruce up old appliances. A once-profitable entrepreneur from Chicago, who claims to have made close to one million dollars with his line of mint holders clipped onto keychains, hopes the Sharks will dig him out of his deep financial hole. The Sharks are intrigued with the marketing potential of a unique lighted decal invention offered by a duo from Hinsdale, Illinois. And a feisty, single mom from Fisher, Indiana believes her aromatic lip gloss can make women look and feel beautiful, but the Sharks are wary about some of her claims. In an update on the hands-free Nubrella, entrepreneur Alan Kaufman discovers how one phone call from a Shark investor can make a huge difference.

  • Episode 207
    A fiery entrepreneur from Washington, DC comes to the Shark Tank with her line of luxury maternity gowns; a Southern belle from South Carolina believes her homemade cakes will be the best the Sharks have ever tasted; and a couple from Minnesota believe their business idea of a cooler fitting inside a golf bag is a sure-fire way to save money on the golf course. Also, the Sharks fight over a product invented by a stay-at-home dad inspired by his long days cleaning up after his kids, and there will be a follow-up on the duo behind Grease Monkey Wipes - whose impassioned plea in Season 1 landed them a deal with Robert and Barbara.

  • Episode 201
    Successful comedian and businessman Jeff Foxworthy once again enters the shark-infested waters and is a guest "Shark" investor. A former athlete from Houston believes he can save children's lives with his product; an entrepreneur from Traverse City, Michigan attempts to ride the eco-friendly bandwagon with his line of push lawn mowers; a father from northern California believes he's found the solution to the problem of kids getting car sick; and two brothers from Austin, Texas have an offer for the Sharks with their lucrative kids birthday party franchise. There'll also be an update to see if Cactus Jack was able to fulfill Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Harrington's weighty request regarding his push-up machine, called the Body Jac.

  • Episode 204
    A fireman from Arkansas brings an invention to the Shark Tank that could make millions and save lives; after creating an eco-friendly way to listen to music on the go, a duo from Chicago hope the Sharks will want to invest; a feisty, combative entrepreneur from Montclair, New Jersey seeks to cash in on the lucrative wedding business; and a man from Oklahoma hopes the Sharks will smell the money when he pitches his unique male-oriented brand of candles.

  • Episode 208
    A woman from Yardley, Pennsylvania could help cat lovers everywhere if the Sharks invest in her toilet training kit for cats, and the Sharks fight each other for a piece of a multi-million dollar company owned by a pharmacist from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, who has invented a shoe with interchangeable tops. Also in this episode, an entrepreneur from Chicago is hoping to reposition her once successful designer line of maternity t-shirts; and an artist originally from Mexico City (now living in Chicago) and eager to make his American dream come true hopes the Sharks will want to invest in his line of extravagant yet affordable jewelry. In addition there will be a follow up from Season 1 on the father and son team behind Voyage Air Guitar and what happened to their business after turning down the Sharks' $1 million dollar offer.
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