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Shark Tank EpisodesSeason 6    

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  • Episode 601
    A couple from Ft. Worth, TX turned tragedy into inspiration and devised a unique way to swaddle a baby, which could be a sanity saver for exhausted parents; a gentleman from Los Angeles, CA wants to put the "man" in manicure with his nail salon for guys only; two men from New York believe they have designed a better version of the athletic sock; and two college students from Harrisonburg, VA invented a way to stay recharged with their free mobile phone charging station.

  • Episode 602
    Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O'Leary renew their vows of "Shark Love" when two men from Las Vegas, NV pitch an innovative way to tie the knot with their mobile wedding service. Two young women from Palo Alto, CA hope to empower the next generation of female engineers and innovators with their inspirational toys. A family man from Morrisville, NC believes that an investment by the Sharks in his elegant and functional porcelain coffee mug will mean a better future for his family. Two men from Oceanside, CA and Chandler, AZ pitch their design of a finer, more precise golf putter. In a follow-up, Lani Lazzari from Pittsburgh, PA gives an update on her prospering business of skincare sugar scrubs, since Mark Cuban's investment during Season Four in the then 18-year-old.

  • Episode 603
    Two men from San Diego and Phoenix tout the benefits of their stuffed animals that are washcloths, too, as being the perfect bath time treat for kids; a dog lover from Los Angeles takes her pup everywhere she goes with her handmade wearable sling which comes in luxurious materials and the Sharks are charmed by entrepreneurs dressed like ninjas demonstrating a darts-like card game - but will they bite? And, a follow up story on Villy Customs, a custom bike company from Dallas Texas in which Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran invested in the show's third season.

  • Episode 606
    Pitches include a mother and son from Grand Rapids, MI whose business can give every bride a gorgeous wedding cake but for a slice of the price; and a restaurateur from Houston, TX has a solution to a common problem encountered while dining out. In a follow-up segment, sisters Lily and Emma Hooks and their father, Brian, from Bayport, NY, give an update on Screenmend, a screen repair fix-it kit which Lori invested in during Season 5.

  • Episode 605
    A lady from Myrtle, SC with her own all-female golf caddy company hopes the sharks will want to drive her company into the green. A couple from Pleasant Grove, UT believes they have the next big thing in toys with a better, safer way for kids to bounce, and three men from Chatsworth, CA have taken a fun spin on the classic faceware accessory. Also, an update on Melissa Carbone from Los Angeles and her LA Haunted Hayride, in which Mark Cuban invested a record $2 million during Season 4.

  • Episode 604
    A man from Egg Harbor, Wisconsin touts olive oil bars where you can sample the oil before purchasing; a couple from Sebastapol, California tries to sell the Sharks on a unique wedding registry geared towards saving for the honeymoon; a new product from two Phoenixville, Pennsylvania men can turn a smartphone into a personal security device, live-streaming video and audio to your contacts for rescue with just one tap; a boxed wine geared to millenials from three Austin, Texas entrepreneurs, and a follow up on Breathometer, a deal from season 5 that almost all the Sharks invested in. The product is a Breathalyzer that works with a smart phone to tell if you are over the legal limit.

  • Episode 609
    A man from Cumming, Georgia promotes unique exercise clothing that provides hyper-gravity weight training; a Spokane, Washington entrepreneur has a product to appeal to today's urban beardsman with beard oils, mustache waxes and a community for facial hair aficionados; two New Yorkers have a karaoke machine that adds jaw-dropping vocal harmonies to help users sound like their favorite stars; belts that are easy for kids to use from a St. Louis, Missouri woman; and a follow up story on Barbara Corcoran's deal from last season, Grace & Lace, hand-knitted socks and legwarmers.

  • Episode 608
    Entrepreneurs with military backgrounds appear on this episode airing during Veterans Small Business Week 2014. Sharks Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjavec and Daymond John, along with the successful entrepreneurs behind jewelry line Stella Valle and energy drink Ruckpack, were invited speakers at a "Champions of Change" event, offering advice to veteran and active duty entrepreneurs. In addition, in this episode, a Captain in the Army Corps of Engineers who is based in Louisville, Kentucky has a great solution for those who, like her, are fans of crossfit training but need a non-slip protective glove to safely shield hands from injury during weight and bar work; a former Marine and his wife from Columbus, OH, seek a $75,000 investment for their elite canine training program; a young Army vet from Front Royal, VA has designed the perfect carrying case for men; and a former Navy SEAL and his wife from San Diego, CA have a unique bottle opener made of recycled .50 caliber shells. Do these accomplished entrepreneurs have the right stuff to convince a Shark to invest?

  • Episode 610
    For the first time in series' history, all six Sharks appear together in the Tank to discuss their favorite memories over the first 100 episodes. The Sharks reveal why they participate year after year on the show, and celebrate with a cake-cutting and champagne toast. Also in the episode, a mother and son from St. George, UT suggest a healthier way to get things moving along when you do your business in the bathroom; a man from Orlando, FL has an easy-to-use alternative to using plywood for storm protection; a brother and sister from Brooklyn, NY are looking for manufacturing help and distribution outlets for their organic mini-popcorn; and a chef from Portland, OR pitches her dairy-free line of plant-based cheeses. In a follow-up segment, Scotty "Scotty Claus" Martin from Torrance, CA gives an update on Living Xmas, which allows you to rent a live Christmas tree for the holiday season and enjoy it year after year - a business venture that Mark Cuban invested in during Season Five.

  • Episode 612
    GoPro Founder and CEO Nick Woodman is a Guest Shark in this action-packed episode. Pitches include a farmer from Ithaca, NY who presents a healthier tortilla chip made from fresh picked sweet corn; and a man from Huntington Beach, CA wants to make some green while burning some green with his scented, manufactured fire logs. Also, an update on Evan Mendolson and Nick Morgan from San Diego, CA and their Tipsy Elves ugly Christmas sweater company, which Robert Herjavec invested in during Season 5.

  • Episode 613
    A Brooklyn man tries to interest the Sharks in his family-run business of foldable, wheeled luggage; a single woman from Houston, Texas, makes soaps, washes and grooming products, but will she clean up with a deal? A couple from Sapulpa, Oklahoma has a fashion-forward line of gameday apparel for women geared towards college teams, and an entrepreneur from Scarsdale, NY pitches his single serve wine product that comes in recyclable plastic. And Lori Greiner gives an update on her "All-Stars" with Scrub Daddy, Screen Mend, Drop Stop, Fiber Fix, Readerest and Invisiplug.

  • Episode 614
    A mother from Corona del Mar, CA turned a family tradition into a business with a stamping kit proving Santa Claus really did visit your home, a former toy executive from Cincinnati, OH hopes his book and plush toy will become part of the Jewish holiday tradition; a salesman from Henderson, NV has an easier way to move Christmas lights from the storage to display mode, and a 13-year-old girl from San Luis Obispo, CA impresses the Sharks with her presentation of a flexible device that eases muscle pain. Also, an update on Morri Chowaiki from San Diego, CA and his Hanukkah Tree Topper designed for interfaith families to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, which Daymond John invested in during Season 5.

  • Episode 611
    Three sisters from San Francisco, CA hope for a perfect match with the Sharks and their dating app that introduces singles to friends of friends. A man from San Francisco, CA has an app solution to a common problem for online shoppers - how to get your package delivered on your schedule. Also, a former publisher from Old Brookville, NY wants to make a fat profit on her classic button down and pullover shirt designed to make you look skinny; and husband and wife Wall Street brokers from New York, NY have cooked up a compact way to eat your bagel. Also, an update on Don Sandusky, Peter Hamborg and Gus Hamborg from Huntington Beach, CA and Hamboards, a skateboard that gives the sensation of catching a wave, which Robert Herjavec invested in during Season 5.

  • Episode 607
    A dad from Live Oak, FL pitches a new twist to the common vest, a product inspired by his daughter's sixth grade winning science project. Two moms from Tigard, OR pitch a healthier way to bake homemade cookies from scratch; two mountain-bike enthusiasts from Richmond, VT came up with a cleaning solution to remove stains and odors from water bottles, and two sisters and best friends from Raleigh, NC show how re-wearable fabric stickers can add instant fun to any occasion. Also, an update on former CIA Agent Jason Hanson from Cedar City, UT and his Spy Escape and Evasion course, in which Daymond John invested in during Season 5.

  • Episode 619
    The Sharks are illuminated by a unique and elegant lighting solution designed by a man from San Francisco, CA, and a pajama-clad duo from Menlo Park, CA want to help America one nap at a time with their wearable technology. Other pitches include a retired Air Force lieutenant and dog lover from La Pine, OR who has created a complete food bar for canines, and actor Dean Cain and pro fighting champion Uriah Faber join an entrepreneur from Columbus, OH in his bid to get the sharks to invest in his business for custom-tailored suits. Also, an update from Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer from Macon, GA who invented Hold Your Haunches, slimming pants that give instant, built-in uplift to one's derriere, that Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran invested in during Season 5.

  • Episode 620
    Transplanted Parisians based in Los Angeles, CA have an almond water beverage line from their grandma's recipe which they hope will tantalize the Sharks. A duo from New York City pitches their eco-friendly pizza box that is 100% recyclable and can be repurposed to become serving plates and leftover storage. An entrepreneur from San Francisco has a business he calls a "game changer in real estate investing," and cousins from Orem, UT try to sell the Sharks on their solution to sanitizing germ-ridden cell phones. Also, an update on the Chatsworth, California couple, Brian and Julie Whiteman, and their photo saving product, Groovebook, in which Kevin O'Leary invested in during Season 5. Since appearing on the show, they've gone on to make the biggest deal in show history and have come into a life-changing windfall.

  • Episode 616
    A man from Woodinville, WA will make sure the Sharks' investment won't go down the drain with his device to eliminate clogged sinks; a husband from Davenport, FL says his family's future depends on getting a deal on his real grass delivery service for pets who have everything except their own backyard; two ladies from Portland, OR provide a worry-free way to share lip balm without sharing germs; and a man from Newport, RI can guarantee you won't get cold feet if you use his climate control system designed for your bed. Also, an update from Corey Ward and Trew Quackenbush from Cincinnati, OH and Tom+Chee, their artisan cheese & glazed donut sandwich business, that Barbara Corcoran invested in during Season 4.

  • Episode 615
    Two brothers and a friend originally from Nepal, India now living in Mukilteo, WA, hope the Sharks will make their American Dream come true by investing in their yak and cow milk dog chews; and two women from Brooklyn, NY ask the Sharks to pucker up and invest in their organic and colorful lipsticks. Also, an update on Peter Ferriera, Dennis Iannotti and Neil Cameron from Pawtucket, RI and their Nuts N' More high protein organic nut butters that Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban invested in during Season 4.

  • Episode 622
    A couple from Portland, OR offer the Sharks an investment opportunity in their line of customized sandals which are manufactured in Uganda, giving poor women an opportunity to go to college with their earnings; a dad from Eugene, Oregon offers a special gold-mining bucket which was inspired by his daughter's playtime panning for gold; a woman from San Francisco, CA is looking for a "breast friend" to invest in her sports bra that she claims is "a fanny pack for your rack"; and a woman from Los Angeles, CA with a do-it-yourself kit to develop photos with sunlight and transfer images to products fights it out in the Tank. Will the Sharks bite? And a follow up on John & Sal DePaola and Anthony Caputo's Paintbrush Cover, from Belleville, NJ, in which Lori Greiner invested in Season 5.

  • Episode 617
    Interest in a scholarship app created by a student from Philadelphia ignites into the most heated Shark fight ever with three of the Sharks walking out of the Tank! Also, a young couple from Vienna, VA provides micro-loans to those in need from the money raised from backpacks made of traditional fabrics from developing countries. An update from former Navy SEAL Eli Crane and his wife, Jennifer, from Tucson, AZ and their product, Bottle Breacher, a unique bottle opener made of recycled .50 caliber shells, which Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban invested in during Season 6.

  • Episode 618
    Everything is made in America on this week's episode. Two young women model off their pretty, custom recruitment clothing for sororities which is expanding into a bridal line - but will the Sharks "rush" to make a deal? Also, a native New Yorker showcases his simple tools that easily open a Thai coconut and extract the meat; a salesman from Chattanooga, TN touts the invention that can transform any pickup truck into what he calls "a Truck-U-V," by adding seats in the flatbed to accommodate more passengers. In a follow-up segment, teenager Mo Bridges from Memphis, TN gives an update on his Mo's Bows designer bowties from Season 5.

  • Episode 621
    A cattleman from Peoria, Ill., returns to show the Sharks what he has learned about the gourmet meat business since he first appeared on the show during Season 4. Also: a lingerie line that's sewn by women in need; and an update on Barbara Corcoran's Season 6 investment in Pipcorn.

  • Episode 628
    A 14-year-old entrepreneur pitches a product for pet owners who want to visit their animals while away; a T-shirt that displays hometown pride has celebrity fans and more than $1 million in sales; and Barbara Corcoran invites her most successful partners on a ski getaway in Deer Valley, Utah. Also: software for managing an online reputation.

  • Episode 629
    The Sharks consider investing in lightweight running shoes; a mom from Atlanta presents her solution for lost pacifiers; a Portland beekeeper tries to create some buzz for his hives; and a Florida entrepreneur pitches a design-your-own stuffed animal business. Also: an update on the creators of Q-Flex.

  • Episode 627
    A Pittsburgh man hopes to green up the landscaping and gardening industries with his sustainable soil replacement for peat moss; two Colorado moms try to make a deal for their sweet-flavored face wipes; business partners present what they believe is a safer way to connect electrical wires; and there's a pitch for a digital text technology that could change the way eBooks are read.

  • Episode 624
    Collectible products for celebrity superfans are pitched to the Sharks, who also hear an idea for a mobile app that allows users to reserve a barstool. Also: a men's clothing line that's all made in America; a high-tech insole created by a former NFL player; and an update on Barbara's investment in Pork Barrel BBQ from Season 1.

  • Episode 626
    Singer Pat Boone appears to help pitch an eco-friendly car that runs on compressed air; a fit mother of three touts the benefits of her diet snack bars; a fisherman offers the Sharks the chance to invest in his unique lure, which helped him earn a world record; and two Cincinnati men look for help growing their eyeglasses business. Also: a follow-up on Heidi Ho Organics.

  • Episode 625
    A scientist from Tampa encourages the Sharks to invest in his synthetic human cadaver; friends from Seattle look for positive feedback for their personalized superhero action figures; and three women from Philadelphia pitch their affordable online service for high-end interior room design. Also: a device for applying sunscreen; and an update on the Squatty Potty.

  • Episode 623
    GoPro founder Nick Woodman joins the Sharks in the Season 6 finale, which features pitches from a lover of cats and a toy designer. Plus, various entrepreneurs offer updates on their businesses.
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