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World's Strictest Parents EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Vinton Family
    Tearaway teenagers Brittani and Ivan's wayward behavior is driving their moms to despair. In a bid to get them back on track, the two teens will leave their respective homes for a week to live under the roof - and rules - of a strict Southern Californian family. Lisa and Scott Vinton have strong opinions about how teenagers should behave. No smoking, no piercings and no privacy. Their household is based on chores, rules and consequences. But will this rigid regime change Brittani and Ivan - two headstrong teenagers who are used to doing what they want, when they want - for the better?

  • Hatcher Family
    The hardworking Hatcher family plays host to hedonistic teenagers Reed and Jessica. Neither of these indulged teens is used to doing anything for themselves, but all that's about to change as they spend a week with the no-nonsense Hatchers. The teens will have to get their hands dirty working from dawn till dusk at the family's Tennessee dairy and veterinary clinic, and they'll have to adjust to a new way of life where everyone is required to contribute. The Hatcher's strict rules - for bringing up children and strong work ethic - have well served their own son and daughter and established a thriving family business. But will this mix of discipline and toil lead Reed and Jessica to reassess their own self-centered existence and their strained relationships with their own parents?

  • McCuin Family
    The McCuins: Wild teenagers Ricky and Katie have partied their way out of their parents' control. In an attempt to tame them, they're being packed off to live in the McCuin family's strict, deeply religious, Tennessee household. Dad Steve is head pastor at the local church and he prides himself on his ability to change people. Mom Angie runs a tight ship at home - she always knows where her kids are, what they're doing, and doesn't let a single slip up go unpunished. During their week in the household, the "new" teens are expected to follow a regimented routine based on faith, family and physical exercise. But will "Slick Rick" and care-free Katie toe the line? Or will they prove a challenge too far for these strict parents?

  • Helton Family
    Strict Tennessee parents Paul and Dana Helton take in troubled teenagers, Whitney and Stephen, to spend a week living with their family. The teens are in for a shock. As soon as they get a taste of Paul and Dana's zero tolerance approach to parenting, sparks fly and conflict erupts. But when the grueling week of hard work and discipline is through, will either Stephen or Whitney be changed?

  • Cork Family
    A devout South Georgia family opens their home to a pair of unruly teens who have fallen beyond their own parents' control. Impulsive Julie and self-assured Sebastian spend a week living under the strict discipline and structure of David and Dana Cork. But will what proves to be an emotional experience make a lasting difference to either of the teens' troubled relationships with their own parents?

  • Morrison Family
    Andrea and Daniel Morrison are no-nonsense, interventionist parents, but can living in their ultra-strict household make a difference to a pair of teens whose own parents can no longer control them? The Morrisons waste no time tackling Adele's manipulative streak and Garrett's way-out appearance. After a week with the family, will the teens pledge to rein in their defiance and make changes to their lives?

  • Rutherford Family
    They call their 50-acre property Rutherford Ranch. Adam and Pamela share genteel lifestyle with their two teenage daughters (Adam's from a previous marriage), two young sons, three horses and a dog. They have a 5,000 square foot house and many toys (for grownups and kids) such as ATVs, horses and ski equipment. But, they make it clear to the kids every day that they have what they have purely because of hard work and a commitment to excellence. In 2004, Adam and his partner started and grew Spanish Springs Construction, a company devoted to giving the best quality and service in the heavy construction industry. The Rutherfords pride themselves on being stricter than other parents. They believe their philosophy about hard work is the key to a good life, and they are devoted to giving their kids the tools they'll need to succeed in life and relationships. The parents aren't used to dealing with back talk or rebellion -- that is until Desiree and Brian come into their home for a week. Self control and discipline are alien principles to these two rebellious teenagers. From the moment they arrive at the family's Reno ranch, the culture clash results in explosive conflict. The Rutherford parents attempt to force a change, but will the teens' defiance buckle under the strict regime, or will they end up running for the hills?

  • Forsyth Family
    Family and faith are central to everything the Forsyths do. They rarely leave their Arkansas home, which includes a giant family camp where they encourage others to enjoy their daily diet of worship, work and wholesome recreational activities. For the next week they'll take in a very different kind of visitor: two rebellious teenagers, whose bad behavior has got the better of their own parents. But can a stay with Forsyths - and exposure to their very traditional family values - transform the teens into model citizens?

  • Bolton Family
    Cliff and Lisa Bolton are both coaches at the local high school. But even when they're away from their football team and cheerleaders, they're still very much in coach mode. They're quick to blow the whistle on their own kids' transgressions, demanding push-ups or other physical tasks as a consequence for bad behavior. But when two wayward teenagers come to stay with the family, Cliff and Lisa's high expectations for appropriate behavior soon leads to conflict. Their rigid enforcement of the household rules and demand for responsibility and respect ignites a fire storm of protest. But will a week of Bolton-enforced living turn rebellious teenagers into team players?

  • Bilben Family
    Theresa and Gary Bilben's restaurant is the cornerstone of their approach to parenting. Not only does it bring the whole family together, it allows the parents to keep track of what their kids are getting up to. Knowing that idle time provides opportunities for misbehavior, Theresa and Gary are sure to fill their kids' schedules and demand text message updates whenever they're unsupervised. It's a markedly different approach to what their two teen visitors are used to. So when Jennifer and Chad land in the Bilben's world, they offer immediate resistance. Neither appreciates the constant monitoring and interventionist parenting, but after a week in the household, will the teenagers draw lessons to take back to their own troubled homes?

  • Wright Family
    Sam and Amy Wright head up a strict and loving household based on old-fashioned traditional values. The Wright children are expected to address elders with "ma'am" and "sir." Both parents agree that all kids will test a parent's resolve and as such, require a tight leash. This means searching bags and checking up on their kids to make sure the rules are being followed at all times. These parents pride themselves on being consistent and following through with punishment 100 percent of the time. But when two troubled teens come to stay with the family, Sam and Amy's rigid rules and high expectations soon lead to conflict. Neither of the teens appreciates the hard work and interventionist parenting. Will a week of living in the Wright home force the teens to change their deviant ways?

  • Manning Family
    The Mannings are a ranching family from Oregon who believe that luxuries and trust must both be earned. This means that kids living in their home start off with a mattress and one change of clothes. They must earn the rest with hard work and good behavior. When Brent and Audrey arrive, they get a harsh lesson in the Manning principles of basic living, tough discipline and rigid consequences. Do they have what it takes to buckle down and get with the program?

  • Knight Family
    The Knights are a Tennessee family who believe in enforcing the law at work and at home. Penny Knight is a juvenile probation officer who keeps her own children on a tight leash. For the next week, they will take in two rowdy teens. Jackie and Spencer have engaged in illegal activities and have no respect for authority. When they meet the Knights, two contrasting worlds collide. Will a week on lockdown force these teens to straighten up?

  • Bouldin Family
    The Bouldins are a tight-knit North Carolina family who believe that tough love is a biblical principal. The pastor of his own church, Blake Bouldin keeps his own kids on the righteous path and demands they lead disciplined and honest lives. For the next week, the Bouldins take in Mackenzie and Ian, two teens with bad attitudes and bold aspirations to have it their way. Fireworks ensue when the teens test the Bouldins with their defiance and dishonesty. Can the Bouldins' stern punishments and tough love approach get these two teens to see the light?

  • The Gentrup Family
    The Gentrups are a loving Arizona family who believe that a positive and considerate attitude is everything. Jim and Janee Gentrup don't tolerate self indulgence. They believe hard work and giving back to the community is the way to raise self-sufficient and socially engaging kids. For the next week, the Gentrups take in Cristiana and Ronnie, two spoiled teens that demand and get everything they want. Will a week of the Gentrups' rigid structure and service to others force them to give up their selfish and misguided behavior?

  • The McCormick Family
    The McCormicks are a strict Iowa family who lay down the law both at work and at home. Sean is a police officer who believes in rigid schedules and hard work for his family. Irene is a fitness instructor who instills healthy values in her children. Irene and Sean are role model parents who make every moment count. They believe you get out of life what you put into it, and they put in their all. Zach and Karli are lazy teens who have no direction in their lives. When they enter the McCormick's home, Irene and Sean have their work cut out for them. Can the McCormicks force these teens onto a better path?

  • Call Family
    The Calls are a large Utah family that depends on everyone pitching in and working hard both in and out of the home. Russ and Kim Call have raised 12 kids. They run a tight ship on which back talk and attitude are not allowed. They believe that every member of the family must pull their weight to make sure the household runs smoothly. For the next week, the Calls will take in Mark and Ariel, two entitled teens who have never experienced a hard day's work in their lives. But can a week of strict schedules and an intense work load help these teens realize the error of their ways?

  • Smidt Family
    The Smidts are an Idaho family who believe that rural living promotes a good work ethic for teenagers. With 11 acres of land, three horses and countless chickens, everyone is expected to pull their weight. For the next week, they will take in two disrespectful teenagers. Anthony and Sierra do not take orders from anyone. But when rigid rules meet reluctant teens, who will come out on top?

  • Ballard Family
    Dick and Denise Ballard are two hard-nosed parents who don't tolerate dismissive or disrespectful attitudes from their kids. Rooted in the expectation that their kids participate in family activities, chores, and athletics, the Ballards believe kids that are busy keep out of trouble. For the next week, the Ballards will take in Matt and Lilly, two self-centered teenagers who have no respect for authority and don't want to be part of a family unit. Will a week of the Ballards' "get up and go" approach force these teens to shed their selfish bad attitudes and get in the game?

  • Combes Family
    The Combes are a close-knit Ohio family who share a belief in discipline, respect and spending quality time with one another. Mike and Karen don't tolerate disobedience or lackadaisical attitudes from their kids. They expect chores and tasks to be carried out at the first time of asking -- and they demand an A+ effort. For the next week, the Combes will take in Samantha and Nick, two bad tempered teenagers who have little respect for others and know no boundaries. Will a week of living Combes-style help these teens to change their stubborn attitudes?

  • Brown Family
    Mike and Pam Brown oversee a disciplined and loving family in Richmond, Va. They demand respect from their children and follow through with tough consequences whenever a line is crossed. From household chores to school work, Mike and Pam expect perfection and settle for nothing less. For one week, the Browns take in Shauna and Megan, two teen girls who have little regard for parental influence and family rules. Can the Browns' firm hand force these teens to reassess their lives? Or will their delinquent ways get the better of the strict parents?

  • Cooper Family
    Together, Ken and Sue Cooper from Maryland have worked to create a strong, respectful family dedicated to hard work and high achievement. They attribute their parenting success to a combination of discipline, commitment to consequences and the constant presence of parental love. For the next week, the Coopers will take in Victoria and Caleb, two headstrong teens with no desire to be a part of any family unit. But will the Coopers' rigid rules, combined with both parents' unwavering emotional support, convince these two teens to rethink their current lives?

  • Carroll Family
    Tom and Shonnie Carroll can lay a valid claim to being more experienced parents than most. As well as raising their own two kids and 15 foster children, they've had to contend with losing all their worldly possessions in a fire that razed their rural Virginia home. Now the Carrolls' survival instincts will be further tested, as two disrespectful teenagers spend a week living with the family. Mary and Wyatt are both self-centered teens with little interest in doing anything that doesn't benefit them, and neither takes well to learning the family home is a no-go zone for cell phones and cigarettes. But with nowhere else to turn, can a week of living under the Carrolls' strict moral code break through the teens' tough exteriors and offer a changed vision of the future?

  • Sheffield Family
    Larry and Christy Sheffield live in the heart of Texas and firmly believe old-fashioned values offer the best recipe for raising a family. They've kept their own children on the right path by teaching them to respect authority, work hard and do things properly at the first time of asking. But when the Sheffields take in Chris and Danielle -- two out-of-control teenagers with more interest in hard partying than hard work -- their values and philosophies are given their toughest test yet. Although the Sheffields enforce a diet of hard work and strict rules to get the teens into line, neither Chris nor Danielle is quick to convert. But after a week together, will the family's tough love approach force a change in the teens' priorities?

  • Robinson Family
    Hard work is Jeff and Yvonne Robinson's mantra. They run a primitive goat farm in McDonough, Ga., that requires a year-round diet of backbreaking work in order to make ends meet. Yet however tough their lifestyle is, Jeff, Yvonne and their daughter Tori wouldn't have it any other way. The Robinsons relish the purity of their frugal existence. But when the family takes in Myles and Antonia -- two entitled and unappreciative teens -- and enlists them into farm life, they discover not everyone shares their values. The chores are as relentless as they are foreign to the two teens, but after a week of "living off the land," will they realize how their own lives could benefit from the Robinsons' down-to-earth priorities?

  • Wilcox Family
    Jack and Patty Wilcox believe family is a team, and theirs is a team of winners. Their Florida household is filled with over-achievers who must live up to their high standards and expectations, both in school and at home. Team Wilcox believes unity is strength. But when the Wilcox draft Matt and Stephanie into their squad, sparks fly. The two unmotivated and audacious teens have no desire to be team players. Can a week of the family's non-negotiable rules and a dose of tough love help these teens to make the grade?

  • Toscano Family
    Tommy and Toni Toscano are straight-talking restaurant owners from Orlando, Fla. They value hard work, concrete morals and most importantly, family. As parents, it's their way or the highway, and should anyone think differently, Tommy draws on his previous career as a New York City detective to set them right: the law is not open to negotiation. Visiting teens Jay and Angela are in for a shock. They're both self-professed party people who have no intention of abiding by anyone's authority or rules. But will the Toscanos' watchful eyes and direct parenting be enough to make these devious teens see the light? show info

  • Souza Family
    Mike and Cynthia Souza are a successful family with a proud heritage. Mike's forefathers established their ranching business through hard work and dedication -- values both parents continue to instill in their own children. Their 25 acres of beautiful California land are overseen with order and precision. Everyone is expected to pitch in, laziness is unacceptable and respect for self, others and property is their golden rule. When the Souzas take in Paul and Megan, two obstinate teens with lackadaisical attitudes, conflict quickly brews and the teens dig in their heels. But will a week of rigid structure and tough discipline be enough to overcome the teens' stubborn attitudes?
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