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Pushing Daisies

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Suite Life On Deck EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Silent Treatment
    Cody leaves the ship to join an elite club he hopes will help him get over his breakup with Bailey. Meanwhile, Bailey gets relationship advice from Miss Tutweiller.

  • Rat Tale
    Cody and Bailey break up and argue over who should keep a pet rat they used for a science project. Meanwhile, Woody creates a new superhero named Ratman.

  • So You Think You Can Date?
    Cody and Bailey try to find dates for an upcoming dance since they are no longer a couple, and they find it's more difficult than they imagined.

  • My Oh, Maya
    Zack becomes attracted to a new girl on the ship and Cody tries to stop thinking about his breakup with Bailey. Meanwhile, Marcus deals with a kid who wants him to produce a record.

  • Das Boots
    Zack and Maya become trapped in a submarine. Meanwhile, Cody prepares for a chess match against Russia's junior champion, who happens to be a cute girl.

  • Bon Voyage
    Marcus leaves the ship to restart his music career.

  • Computer Date
    Arwin installs a robot on the ship that controls everything, but things go awry when the robot develops human-like feelings for Cody. Meanwhile, Zack tutors Woody and London so they can pass gym class.

  • Party On!
    Sean Kingston falls for London when he comes aboard the ship. Meanwhile, Cody and Bailey tour a famous chocolate factory.

  • Love And War
    Zack wants to go to a guys-only video-game night, but Maya expects him to attend her poetry reading. Meanwhile, Bailey gets jealous when kids at a daycare center seem to like London more than her.

  • The Ghost And Mr. Martin
    History comes back to haunt Zack when the S.S. Tipton docks at the site of an old shipwreck in New Orleans. Though it has been 150 years since the tragedy, Zack believes that the ghost of the man deemed responsible, Captain Entenille, has returned and is seeking help in proving his innocence. Meanwhile, Bailey and London discover Moseby's hidden talent as a jazz musician.

  • Trouble In Tokyo
    When the S.S. Tipton docks in Tokyo, Zack and Cody visit Carey on the set of a Japanese soda commercial. They are only there to observe, but when Zack damages the set, Carey's employer Mr. Hashimoto, forces him and Cody to work as drink tasters to pay their debts. If they want to escape, they'll have to defeat Mr. Hashimoto's ninjas. Meanwhile, Woody enters a sumo wrestling challenge.

  • Senior Ditch Day
    Zack, London and Woody go to a posh beach club for senior ditch day, but when the bouncer won't let Woody in, London and Zack go without him. Meanwhile, in an effort to keep their perfect attendance records, Bailey and Cody show up for class, which annoys Ms. Tutweiller who was looking forward to her day off.

  • My Sister's Keeper
    Woody's sister Willa comes to visit the S.S. Tipton, and while Woody is stuck doing homework, Cody offers to show her around. Despite her good looks and seemingly cool personality, Cody soon realizes how similar to Woody Willa really is. Meanwhile, London hires a look-alike, Tess, to do her dirty work, but when Tess sets her eye on Zack, London decides she must get rid of her.

  • Frozen
    Cody visits a remote scientific research station in Antarctica, and Zack and Woody tag along to go snowmobiling. But when the scientist borrows the snowmobile to replenish his supplies, he gets stuck in a snow storm leaving the boys cold, hungry and alone. Meanwhile, when London's favorite designer visits the S.S. Tipton to announce his retirement due to lack of inspiration, she and Bailey try to inspire him.

  • A London Carol
    Cody and Bailey approach their friends to help out with their charity event, but London refuses. But when her magic mirror takes her to her past, present and future, she learns the importance of giving and being a good friend. Meanwhile, Zack creates an elaborate robot to fill in for him at the juice bar.

  • The Play's The Thing
    When Miss Tutweiler assigns the class to write and direct their own play, Cody and Bailey each write their versions of their breakup. But when they must present their plays before a live audience, they forget about their theatrical squabble and begin to quarrel for real.

  • Twister, Part 1
    London offers to take Bailey home for her grandma's 90th birthday party, but when her blimp goes down, the girls must road-trip to Kettlecorn. Unsure why Bailey has left the boat, Cody mopes around before deciding to head to Kettlecorn to win her back. Meanwhile, Zack and Woody challenge Moseby and his brother to a basketball game - only to discover Moseby's brother is NBA star Dwight Howard, who is visiting the S.S. Tipton with his buddies Deron Williams and Kevin Love.

  • Twister, Part 2
    When Cody arrives in Kettlecorn, he learns that he is not Bailey's only ex-boyfriend who has come to win her back - Moose (Hutch Dano) is also there. When a tornado approaches, everyone must pile together into the Pickett's shelter. While in the shelter, Bailey gets knocked out and has a "Wizard of Oz"-type dream, and when she awakes, she finds that her family's farm has been destroyed. Unable to afford school due to the tragedy, Bailey will not be returning to the S.S. Tipton.

  • Twister, Part 3
    London Tipton's tycoon father and owner of the Tipton hotel and S.S. Tipton, makes a un-obscured appearance when Cody begs him to help save Bailey's family farm in Kettlecorn.

  • Snakes On A Boat
    During game night on the S.S. Tipton, Cody learns that he can't make Bailey laugh, and Maya learns that Zack has dated more girls than she thought. Meanwhile, Woody accidentally releases a crate of snakes on the boat, and it's up to him and London to track them all down.

  • Prom Night
    When Moseby finds out about the senior prank, he cancels prom. But Zack devises a plan to throw a secret prom and Bailey has her eyes set on winning prom queen. Meanwhile, Woody reveals to Zack and Cody that he's hoping to share his first kiss with Addison on prom night.

  • The Suite Life Movie
    Cody gets an opportunity to participate in a prestigious internship program. However, when twin brother Zack destroys billion-dollar scientific equipment, Cody is kicked out of the program. Soon thereafter, the brothers are approached to join the Gemini Project, a high-tech research center studying the dynamics between twins. Shockingly, they find themselves interconnected in a way they've never been before: When one twin experiences a sensation, thought or feeling, the other twin feels it too. While this newfound revelation helps the boys see eye to eye for the first time, it puts them in more danger than they could have imagined.

  • Graduation On Deck
    When Mr. Tipton sells the ship, Zack, Cody, London and Bailey find themselves embarking on separate journeys after graduation. Maya accepts a Peace Corps assignment in Africa and breaks up with Zac, while Cody and Bailey are anxious about their relationship surviving through college. As they explore plans for the next chapter in their lives, relationships are tested but they realize distance cannot overcome the strong bond formed between them.
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