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Pushing Daisies

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Sunset Daze EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • We're Retired, Not Dead
    Widowed Sandy rides in a hot air balloon on a blind date set by matchmaking Joanne. Ex-nun Ann takes flight in a wind tunnel, then decides to go skydiving for real. Former actress Gail directs a theatre group.

  • Love, Lassos And Liver Spots
    At Joanne's prodding, Sandy returns to the gun range to ask out shooting instructor Mark. Jack goes on a double date. Gail attends her son Cary's gay rodeo.

  • Grannies Gone Wild
    LaWanda throws a party that features pole-dancing lessons and a visit from a police officer. Elsewhere, Linda moves in with her boyfriend; Jack decides to confront Kathleen after she doesn't show up at the hospital following his operation.

  • Top Gun And Tiaras
    Jack dates a new woman and takes flying lessons. Elsewhere, Sandy considers changing her lifestyle because she worries it's adversely affecting her daughter's sobriety; Eileen competes in a senior pageant but is sidelined by a back injury.

  • Every Dog Has His Day
    Ron hosts a barbecue for his friends to thank them for helping him campaign for a neighborhood position. Elsewhere, Jack asks Linda, an event planner, to arrange a party for his dog, and Eileen has to drop out of the senior beauty pageant because of her back problems.

  • The Show Must Go On
    Gail tries to find the perfect wig for her Marilyn Monroe costume, which she'll be wearing to a friend's party. Elsewhere, Jack takes comedy lessons but worries that his stand-up act will be a dud; LaWanda organizes a group event to help cope with her husband's ALS.

  • Fast Times At Sun City Grant
    Gail holds auditions and rehearsals for her cabaret and learns a critic will attend the opening; Linda and Bruce's relationship is on the rocks; and Eileen and Ann make a bet.

  • Hollywood Or Bust
    Gail goes to Los Angeles with Cary to audition for a commercial, but she is distracted by sightseeing; George's dog-sitting duties hit a snag when the pup gets loose; and Ann pushes her husband to fulfill his dream of driving a race car before his eyesight fails.
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