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Pushing Daisies

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Survive This EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Impact
    After one week of survival school, eight teenagers find themselves at the site of a smoking bus crash, with nothing but their backpacks and the equipment they can salvage from the wreck. Les challenges the group to build a shelter, start a fire and find food. Before long, Becca's injured and crying. But by the time the sun sets, the survivalists are off to a great start.

  • Shelter
    The guys and girls are separated, and each group has to build a shelter. Jen's not thrilled = Becca, Becky and Catarina aren't exactly wilderness experts. But in the end, a simple mistake by the guys' group hands the game to the girls. Catarina starts to show possible signs of heat stroke, but she's feeling better in time for dinner. Tonight's menu: rice and frog legs.

  • Hunger
    The group members are paired off to search for food - frogs, fish, wild edibles and insects - and most of the survivalists decide to make do with the bare minimum. When a large bird wanders onto the campsite, Adam's hunger forces him into action and he manages to take it down. But soon, an unexpected injury takes Adam down for the night.

  • Navigation
    At 3 a.m., Les gives the group a taste of nighttime survival. When an emergency evacuation goes into effect, the survivalists must leave everything behind and head toward a set of GPS coordinates - in the dark. Though Catarina slips and injures her ankle, the group keeps going. But the pressure is too much for Becky, who decides she wants out.

  • River
    After a white-water rafting accident, the group members find themselves soaking wet and stranded on the shore of the river. They eventually get a fire going, and after a cold, sleepless night, the survivalists start to go a little stir-crazy. But the challenge brings out the strength in everyone, and all the group members continue on to the next expedition.

  • Deep Woods, Part 1
    Les raises the stakes for Becca, Catarina, Holden and Kareem by separating them from the more-experienced survivalists: Jen, Adam and Zac. While the stronger three build a roaring fire and roast up a porcupine for dinner, the other four struggle to form a plan. Without food, water, fire or shelter, making it through the night may be more than the weaker team can handle.

  • Deep Woods, Part 2
    The two groups are instructed to hike east out of the woods with only a watch to navigate. Both teams have trouble finding their way, but the stronger team ultimately finds Les. Meanwhile, the weaker team wanders in circles for so long that they have to be picked up in an SUV. Catarina, Becca and Holden have had enough and decide they want out.

  • Swamp
    A former competitor returns for a swamp-survival challenge.

  • Rock Face
    Two strong competitors fake injuries, forcing others to step up and take the lead.

  • Mountain
    Some competitors face their fear of heights on a mountaineering expedition.

  • Island
    The group is stranded on an unfamiliar island with limited resources.

  • Solo Missions
    The remaining competitors embark on solo journeys to the places that challenged them the most.

  • Search & Rescue
    The final four are rescued from the wilderness and reunited with their friends and family.
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