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Swamp WarsSwamp Wars  premiered on ANI on June 12, 2011. Miami is a vacationer's paradise with its beautiful beaches, myriad of outdoor activities and sizzling nightlife. Yet, the city is situated in the center of a giant swamp making it a Garden of Eden for snakes and other overgrown reptiles - many not native to the area. Snakes are everywhere, and the potential for a snake to strike is at an all-time high. One hundred percent of backyards in Miami and throughout South Florida have snakes; you just can't always see them. Not to mention, dangerous alligators, aggressive iguanas and Africanized bees. This series takes to the front lines of this daily combat, introducing the only team with the fearlessness and knowledge to battle these vicious and often venomous creatures - Venom One. The Venom One team is an elite group of specially trained fire fighter/paramedics within Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. It's the only emergency response team of its kind, and it currently holds the largest and only anti-venom bank available for public use in the United States. This show follows the intensity and urgency of their daily clash with nature as this courageous team takes down killer snakes, rushes against the clock to deliver anti-venoms and ultimately saves lives.

Jon Benjamin
Season 1 (2010-2011)
(6 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Cannibal Gator (Original Air Date 6/12/2011)
  2. Gator vs. Python (Original Air Date 6/19/2011)
  3. Killer Pythons (Original Air Date 6/26/2011)
  4. Snakes Attack Surburbia (Original Air Date 7/10/2011)
  5. Snake Farm Shootout (Original Air Date 7/17/2011)
  6. Killer In Your Mailbox (Original Air Date 7/24/2011)
Season 2 (2011-2012)
(12 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. A Python Ate My Pet (Original Air Date 11/6/2011)
  2. Hurricane: Gator Lockdown (Original Air Date 11/13/2011)
  3. Killer Bees Attack (Original Air Date 4/29/2012)
  4. Flesh-Eating Lizards (Original Air Date 5/6/2012)
  5. Deer Eating Python (Original Air Date 5/13/2012)
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