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DescriptionShow Description    

Tattoo HighwayTattoo Highway  premiered on A&E on May 27, 2009. This series follows 15-year tattoo veteran and star of former A&E hit "Inked," Thomas Pendelton as he takes his tattoo parlor on the road to cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Salt Lake City to transform personal stories into living art. Pendelton and his business partner and wife Monica have transformed a 1970s tour bus into a tattoo parlor on wheels, featuring a swanky interior and top-of-the-line tattooing equipment. It's a tattoo shop that can tattoo anyone, anywhere. Ride along as emotional limits and friendships are challenged and the persistent mechanical problems of a vintage bus are tested on the road, as Tattoo Highway proves to be one bumpy ride.

ArticlesShow News    
  • Review of "Vegas Babies!" episode from Season 1
  • Review of "Breakdown Lane" episode from Season 1
Thomas Pendelton
Monica Pendelton
Season 1 (2008-2009)
(13 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Vegas Babies! (Original Air Date 5/27/2009)
  2. Breakdown Lane (Original Air Date 5/27/2009)
  3. Show Us Your Tats (Original Air Date 6/3/2009)
  4. Minister Of Ink (Original Air Date 6/3/2009)
  5. Let's Make A Deal (Original Air Date 6/10/2009)
  6. This Buddha's For You (Original Air Date 6/10/2009)
  7. Go Big Or Go Home (Original Air Date 6/17/2009)
  8. Hot And Bothered (Original Air Date 6/24/2009)
  9. Family Treepee (Original Air Date 6/24/2009)
  10. New Kid On The Shop (Original Air Date 7/1/2009)
  11. Close Encounters (Original Air Date 7/8/2009)
  12. Trial By Tire (Original Air Date 7/15/2009)
  13. Double Trouble (Original Air Date 7/22/2009)
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