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Pushing Daisies

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True Beauty EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Science Of Beauty
    Ten gorgeous people (six women; four men) face challenges to determine the most beautiful - and inner beauty counts as much as physical attractiveness - while they live together in an L.A. mansion.

  • Million Dollar Look
    This week's challenge secretly tests the remaining contestants on charitable character. They're divided into three teams of three, and will go shopping for a "million dollar look" on Melrose Avenue. The catch? Each team will only have $100 to spend on all their outfits. They can beg, borrow and use their good looks to help them obtain more clothes. They will be judged on their look by Vanessa, Nol and Cheryl at a club opening the next night. As our teams use their charm and looks to make deals, some are more honest than others, with the judges watching everything from the spy room. Also, while shopping on Melrose Avenue, each team will encounter a woman on the street in a booth asking for donations to a children's charity. Will our cast stop and give?

  • Beauty In Motion
    Before a photo shoot, the contestants will travel to a local gym to practice and rehearse. They will meet with a group of coaches who will work with them on all four sports. They'll also consult with a wardrobe stylist who will help them dress for the shoot. What they don't know is that the stylist is a planted actor and the wardrobe area is rigged with a set of secret cameras that will be recording the contestants as they are tested on their compassion and sportsmanship. In this scenario, the wardrobe woman is in the middle of being dumped by her cheating boyfriend, and spends a lot of time answering angry phone calls from him and crying. The judges watch the contestants to see who will show compassion for the crying woman and who will be too self-absorbed to notice.

  • Timeless Beauty
    The cast are informed they'll be photographed with a partner for a Timeless Beauty billboard campaign, but are shocked when they're each partnered with a senior citizen for the shoot. What they don't know is that the judges are secretly watching how they treat and connect with their senior partners. Do our beauties, for example, offer up their seats when there are no other seats available? The judges watch as the contestants demonstrates respect - or lack thereof - for their elders.

  • Natural Beauty
    The contestants will spend two days partnered with each other to shoot a video clip for a natural beauty product. After a long, taxing hike with just a map and a bottle of water, the group find themselves roughing it overnight on the beach. They're awakened before dawn by Dave, the owner of an organic products company, who tasks them with recording a 30-second promo for a new line of natural products. With no make-up, no hairstylists and no mirrors, the promo must exemplify the contestants' ideas of natural beauty. They direct their own videos and write their own scripts, each operating the camera for their partner's video. The experience should give them a chance to show their creativity, their teamwork and their take on natural beauty.

  • Get Fit
    Contestants undergo a physical-fitness challenge with a group of teenage monitors, but the judges are more interested in their interactions with the monitors than their fitness levels.

  • Red Carpet Mamas
    Contestants meet Vanessa at a salon where they learn their new challenge. They're to attend a red carpet party where they will be the guests of honor and be judged on their poise and presentation as they walk the red carpet and work the crowd. But there's a twist: The contestants will each have a date, and those dates are already waiting for them. The surprise? Their dates are their parents. Vanessa explains that they're to be styled and primped for the event by top wardrobe stylist Jordan Feldman. What they're not told is that the salon is rigged with hidden cameras, and while they're getting ready for the evening, the flamboyant Jordan will be trying to get them to dish on each other. They'll arrive at the theater in individual limos, with the judges watching, and as they make their way through the crowd, they'll encounter several tests. 1) The paparazzi will ask each parent to step out of the shot Who will push his/her parent aside to hog the spotlight? 2) Each member of the welcoming committee will offer a compliment. Will the cast members offer proper thanks? 3) A "drunken" woman will walk around with her skirt tucked into her underwear Will anyone tell her? Plus, there's a secret judge among the party goers; Ashton Kutcher's mom is watching and mingling, and reporting back to the judges. And later Vanessa invites everyone into the theater, where the judges ask the same question of the contestants and their parents, then compare answers.

  • Finale
    A winner is named in the first-season finale.
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