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Pushing Daisies

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True Beauty EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • The Stealing Challenge
    The 10 gorgeous contestants, who think they're competing to become "The Face of Vegas," work with a stylist and a budget of $200 and 30 minutes to create a signature "Vegas" look. Then, decked out, they pose in lighted glass cases on the Strip, as passersby drop a chip in the case of the person they choose as "hottest." However, their inner beauty is being judged as well when, through hidden cameras, we see each contestant offered a chance to steal an item out of their budget to give them an edge in the competition.

  • The Secret
    Magic impresarios Penn and Teller teach the nine remaining contestants a magic trick and swear them to secrecy. The contestant who performs the trick best will be featured in Penn and Teller's live show in Las Vegas. In addition, a reporter from People magazine interviews each contestant, trying to get them to spill the beans on how the trick is done. Who will crack? The judges have hidden cameras and one more twist to test the lowest scorers' ethical mettle.

  • Grace Under Fire
    The remaining eight contestants conduct televised "man-on-the-street" interviews with passers-by on the Vegas Strip, trying to demonstrate their best communication skills and their ability to put others at ease. Which of them will break the rules by sneaking a peek at the interview questions in advance? Can any of the contestants correctly pronounce the word "cacophony"? But most important, can they exhibit poise when those interviews are relentlessly criticized by a focus group of hard-to-impress people? Meanwhile, at the hotel hot tub, the tension mounts during a heated argument about pole dancing, and a shocking twist changes the game.

  • Finding The Ring
  • Change My Score!
    The remaining six contestants must quickly bone up on Vegas facts and tourism tips to prep to be tour bus guides. Who frets over reading the voluminous notes and confides that it's been 10 years since reading a book? Which contestant confidently tells the Vegas visitors that "the Venetian Hotel is so romantic, it's like you're in Spain." Who can't pronounce Bugsy Siegel's last name? And who tries to change their score in the competition when offered the chance?

  • Bride In Trouble
    The bevy of beauties is down to just five, and this week their challenge takes place at a wedding chapel in Vegas. They compete to take part as bridesmaids and groomsmen in weddings throughout the day - the first male and female contestant to be picked to be in three weddings is safe. One contestant doesn't get picked a single time, prompting a total meltdown. And in the inner beauty challenge, when each beauty encounters a bride's "Momzilla" belittling her overweight daughter on her special day, who will offer compassion to the crushed girl and who will just laugh?

  • Stop Smoking!
    It's down to the final four contestants, and this week's hidden camera "inner beauty" challenge puts each contestant in proximity of a pregnant woman (actually, she's an actress pretending to be pregnant) who is drinking and smoking. Will any of the beauties speak up? The "outer beauty" challenge - to be the best blackjack dealer at the high rollers' table - proves poor timing for one contestant who drank all day poolside and mortifying for another one who doesn't know the rules of the game and has trouble with math. The winner of the blackjack challenge is chosen by the pit boss and will go on to the finale. Whom will judges Carson Kressley, Vanessa Minnillo and Beth Stern send home?

  • The Final Test
    Only three beauties have made it to the finale. The judges pair the contestants with a real-life celebrity who parties with them all night, but there's a twist - instead of getting to crash back at the hotel after a long night, the exhausted contestants are whisked to a new location to shoot a commercial for Las Vegas, and they must memorize lines, learn blocking and be at their absolute best. One completely cracks from lack of sleep. And in a stunning game-changing moment, Vanessa Minnillo confronts the contestants and shows them exactly what the "spy" cameras have captured when the contestants were unaware. Who epitomizes both inner and outer beauty? Who will be crowned the winner, getting $100,000 and a photo featured in People magazine?
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