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Pushing Daisies

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The Works EpisodesSeason 1    

The Works Page

  • Garbage
    The average person tosses 102 tons of garbage away in their lifetime. Every year we use enough plastic film to cover food to shrink-wrap the state of Texas. So how do we get rid our trash? Witness first hand how NYC takes trash from your door to its final resting place as a landfill park. But decades of plastic dumping have already created a swirling vortex of trash in the Pacific Ocean the size of California. Is their any hope? We track down the latest applications of recycling, to explore energy conversion and beyond.

  • Steel
    Host Daniel Wilson takes us on a transformative journey that reveals the extraordinary in everyday things. Wilson delves into steel, the lightest, toughest, most flexible inexpensive material on earth. It is in our buildings, our weapons, our roads, even in our bodies. What is the secret that makes more than 3,500 types of steel possible? Explore its cutting edge as a weapon in law enforcement; its application to music; and its role in monumental art.

  • Power Tools
    The evolution of power tools since they were invented by the Egyptians 3,000 years ago. Learn about power tools that slice mountains in half, and new nanotechnology that enable them to literally "split hairs." Discover how these tools are being used in sports, medicine and art.

  • Beer
    Mankind's first recipe for beer, the most popular beverage on the planet, was carved in stone 10,000 years ago. Wilson sets out to find the secret to beer's allure. Find out how it's made and marketed and how new beers are invented and tested. Wilson even uncovers an ecological time bomb threatening to make beer an endangered species!

  • Sneakers
    Why are sneakers so essential to modern life? Host Daniel H. Wilson will uncover the story of a multi-billion dollar global industry that inspires music, movies and has its own subculture. Some scientists even believe sneakers may represent the next step in human evolution!

  • Guns And Ammo
    Host Daniel H. Wilson traces the history of guns and uncovers their incredible role in our everyday lives. Gun technology is all around us, from lighters, to a simple rubber band, to the meat in our freezer! Gunpowder, a centuries-old invention still used today, has a key ingredient: urine! Experience the future of ammunition at a test facility where plasma, compressed gas and light-powered guns are being perfected that can send projectiles into orbit.

  • Tattoos
    Thomas Edison, Queen Victoria, Lady Churchill, The Rock, Kid Rock. What do they all have in common? Tattoos. From a 5,000 year old tattooed mummy to the latest in flash tattoo technology, get an inside look at how tattoos are designed, applied, and where the latest inks and hardware are being developed. Surprising applications in law enforcement, mobile digital technology and medicine make the science of tattooing more than just a pretty picture.

  • Motorcycles
    Nothing combines human engineering with the tactile thrill of speed and power like the motorcycle. But what are the basic physics of the machine, and more importantly, those experienced by the rider? From the first steam-powered bike to the latest in hybrid technology, uncover the history science behind the excitement as engineers unveil their latest creations.

  • Skydiving
    Join host Daniel H. Wilson as he uncovers the physics, biology and technology behind skydiving. We may watch in wonderment as a man free falls to earth, but learn of the many surprising applications of skydiving from law enforcement to fire jumping that few ever consider. Finally, discover how scientists are using skydiving to develop new technology for undersea, outer space and medical uses.

  • Robots
    They can crawl up walls, swim underwater and investigate bomb threats. Robots are making the coffee in your kitchen and keeping your office parking lot secure at night. Join host Daniel H. Wilson as he reveals artificial intelligence which can create smart houses that anticipate our desires and automate the functions of our-day to-day life.
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