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Pushing Daisies

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The T.O. Show EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Bye Bye Buffalo
    Terrell's back in Los Angeles after a disappointing season in Buffalo has him questioning his future in football. While Mo and Kita hunt for a house for Terrell, he moves in with Mo - which puts his babysitting skills to the ultimate test. With his professional career in transition, Terrell also tries to address his personal relationships with his on again off again girlfriend Kari.

  • Family Ties
    As Terrell settles into his new Los Angeles digs, his faltering relationship with Kari drives him into therapy.

  • Empire State Of T.O.
    Terrell and Kita head to New York where Terrell tries his hand at modeling during New York Fashion Week.

  • Man's Best Friends
    Terrell fills in for Mo's husband, Vic, at birthing class as Mo approaches her due date.

  • Sex And Secrets
    T.O. appears on a talk show about sex, and his girlfriend Kari gets an earful.

  • Old Habits
    T.O. plays in a "Pros vs. Joes" basketball exhibition, where he is reunited with former Eagles teammate Donovan McNabb.

  • Love Game
    Terrell and Kita go to Miami to see Andy Roddick play in a tennis tournament.

  • Kentucky Kita
    T.O. takes Kita home to Louisville, meets her family and goes to the Kentucky Derby.

  • Taking Chances
    T.O. lines up an audition for the lead role in a movie.

  • Hail Mary
    Mo gives birth to her third baby, and filming wraps up on T.O.'s first movie.
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