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Two Of A Kind logoTwo Of A Kind premiered on ABC on September 25, 1998. The show is about twelve year old twins living with their single father. It is your basic TGIF sicom about two 11-year olds, whom you may know as the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. In the series the ir father is a single dad who teaches at a college. One of his students is Mary-Kate and Ashley's babysitter. Mary-Kate and Ashley face typical 6th grade issues which makes the show pretty funny sometimes.

Mary-Kate Burke
Mary-Kate Olsen
Ashley Burke
Ashley Olsen
Kevin Burke
Christopher Sieber
Carrie Moore
Sally Wheeler
Mr. Filmore
Rance Howard
Mrs. Baker
Jean Speegle Howard
Martin Spanjers
Orlando Brown
Season 1 (1998-1999)
21 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Putting Two'N Two Together (Original Air Date 9/25/1998)
  2. The Tutor (Original Air Date 10/2/1998)
  3. Prelude To A Kiss (Original Air Date 10/9/1998)
  4. First Crush (Original Air Date 10/16/1998)
  5. Breaking Them Up Is Hard To Do (Original Air Date 10/23/1998)
  6. Nightmare On Carrie's Street (Original Air Date 10/30/1998)
  7. The Heartbreak Kid (Original Air Date 11/6/1998)
  8. You've Got A Friend (Original Air Date 11/13/1998)
  9. Model Behavior (Original Air Date 11/20/1998)
  10. Peeping Twins (Original Air Date 11/27/1998)
  11. A Very Carrie Christmas (Original Air Date 12/11/1998)
  12. Let's Dance (Original Air Date 1/8/1999)
  13. Split Decision (Original Air Date 1/15/1999)
  14. My Boyfriend's Back (Original Air Date 1/29/1999)
  15. No Man's Land (Original Air Date 2/12/1999)
  16. Carrie Moves In (Original Air Date 2/19/1999)
  17. Mr. Right Under Your Nose (Original Air Date 2/26/1999)
  18. Welcome Matt (Original Air Date 3/12/1999)
  19. The Odd Couples (Original Air Date 3/19/1999)
  20. When A Man Leaves A Woman (Original Air Date 3/26/1999)
  21. The Goodbye Girl (Original Air Date 4/2/1999)
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