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Underdog To WonderdogUnderdog To Wonderdog  premiered on ANI on January 3, 2009. Every day thousands of dogs are brought to shelters - unkempt, undernourished and unloved. But help is on the way for these poor pups as Animal Planet's doggie Wonder Team comes to the rescue. With the help of the fantastic foursome, each episode follows the transformation of one helpless pup as it undergoes a complete metamorphoses, becoming the dog it was always destined to be. Every shelter dog is rescued, groomed, trained and rehabilitated before finally being placed into a loving home - equipped with its very own custom-designed dog house. Watch as the show's host, trainer, groomer and carpenter use their canine expertise to revamp these down-on-their-luck pups

Ryan Smith
David Leon
Ali McLennan
Andrea Arden
Season 1 (2008-2009)
(10 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Lucky (Original Air Date 1/3/2009)
  2. Bento (Original Air Date 1/10/2009)
  3. Brownie (Original Air Date 1/17/2009)
  4. Oliver (Original Air Date 1/24/2009)
  5. Woobie (Original Air Date 2/14/2009)
  6. Joshua (Original Air Date 2/21/2009)
  7. Venus (Original Air Date 2/28/2009)
  8. Sam (Original Air Date 3/7/2009)
  9. Nellie (Original Air Date 3/14/2009)
  10. Bella (Original Air Date 3/21/2009)
Season 2 (2009-2010)
(? Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Petrified Pit Bull (Original Air Date 1/2/2010)
  2. Dog Phobia (Original Air Date 1/9/2010)
  3. Amazing Chase (Original Air Date 1/16/2010)
  4. Quints + Canine = CHAOS! (Original Air Date 1/23/2010)
  5. You Gotta Have Faith (Original Air Date 1/30/2010)
  6. Operation: Baghdad Dog (Original Air Date 2/13/2010)
  7. Lucky To Be Alive (Original Air Date 2/20/2010)
  8. Pudgy Puggle (Original Air Date 3/6/2010)
  9. Flying Dogs For Triplets (Original Air Date 3/13/2010)
  10. Duke's A Hazard! (Original Air Date 3/20/2010)
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