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Pushing Daisies

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Underdog To Wonderdog EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Petrified Pit Bull
    Ivory, a 1 1/2-year-old Pit Bull mix, is terrified of humans. The Wonderteam has a huge challenge as they try to find her a home. Just when they've finally found a family willing to take Ivory, a tragedy occurs that puts Ivory's entire future in jeopardy.

  • Dog Phobia
    A mother of two is absolutely terrified of dogs. Traumatic experiences in her childhood are to blame, but after so many years of terror, can she finally overcome her fear? With the help of Bo, a poodle-mix, will the team make a breakthrough?

  • Amazing Chase
    Chase is an out-of-control 3-year-old Shetland Sheep dog. The team attempts to place him on a horse ranch. A roller-coaster ride from start to finish, with an ending that forces the team to deal with something they've never encountered before.

  • Quints + Canine = CHAOS!
    Brutus, a 1-and-1/2-year-old yellow Lab is one hundred pounds of boundless energy. Sadly, Brutus' enthusiasm is so overwhelming that his owners had to surrender him to a shelter when they could no longer deal with him. Can the Wonderteam save him?

  • You Gotta Have Faith
    Faith, a 12-week-old Rottweiler/Shepherd mix puppy, is a perfect candidate for adoption. There's just one problem, she can't move her back legs. Will the Wonderteam find a family that can cope with a dog who may spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair?

  • Operation: Baghdad Dog
    The Wonderteam takes extraordinary steps to rescue a dog from Iraq. A dramatic rescue that takes this Baghdad dog via armored convoy out of Iraq and on a six thousand mile plane ride, uniting her with a loving couple who are veterans of the Iraq war.

  • Lucky To Be Alive
    Benji, a 2-year-old Lhasa Apso/Wheaten Terrier mix, was on his way to being euthanized when he was saved by the Wonderteam. But he's in bad shape; covered in filth with a terrible flea infestation and matted hair. Can the Wonderteam save Benji in time?

  • Pudgy Puggle
    Nane, is a 4-year-old puggle with one very big problem: she's 20 pounds overweight!! Can the team whip Nane into shape and find her a home with a loving owner?

  • Flying Dogs For Triplets
    The Wonderteam enlists the help of "Pilots n Paws," to fly two abandoned terriers, Tic & Tack, from Kentucky to New York for a family with triplets. Can they whip these two challenging terriers into shape for life with energetic triplets?

  • Duke's A Hazard!
    JR Giddens, a guard with the Boston Celtics, wants to give a dog a home. Duke, a Min Pin, may be tiny, but he?s got some BIG problems: nipping, barking, and being so out of control that nobody wants to adopt him. Can the Wonderteam make this match work?
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