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Pushing Daisies

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Unleashed EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Police Dogs & Cat Burglars
    Broward County's K-9 unit faces off against some of the most dangerous criminals in the country and one of them has just committed an armed car jacking and fled the scene. Geoff and Jerry put Bali's nose to the ground and try to track the suspect down.

  • Guns & Dog Biscuits
    On the busiest night in recent memory, Geoff, Jerry, and Bali chase after a suspect who assaulted a deputy on traffic stop and fled into the night. But when the man ends up in a parking lot, it becomes clear that this is going to be no ordinary search.

  • Sick As A Dog
    Geoff claims to have never been sick even one day in his nine-plus years working with the BSO. He attributes this to one fact, he washes his hands so often while on duty. When Geoff comes in to work feeling "under the weather", will it affect his work?

  • Taking A Bite Out Of Crime
    A local professional athlete's house is broken into and the armed burglary suspect has been located in a nearby business. Geoff, Jerry and Bali lead a team of deputies in a show of overwhelming force to the scene.

  • A Burglar On The Roof
    Geoff, Jerry, and Bali are called upon to track down a burglar who has just fled into the night and vanished into thin air. Next, Geoff and Jerry are forced to leave a frustrated Bali in the back of the car when they get into back-to-back foot chases.

  • Oozi's Episode: Fallen K-9
    Jerry lost his last K-9 partner, Oozi, who was shot and killed in the line of duty. After training with his current K-9, Bali, who now wears a bulletproof vest, a call comes in to hunt down a burglary suspect and Jerry knows this situation all too well.
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