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Pushing Daisies

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Valentine EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    Sent down from Mount Olympus to contemporary Los Angeles to bring soul mates together, the Valentine family uses a little old fashioned magic to ensure that true love blossoms on earth. Grace Valentine, better known as Aphrodite the Goddess of Love, is concerned for the future of her family business, as well as for the family's immortality. To bring a fresh perspective to the job of matchmaking, Grace enlists the help of romance novelist Kate Providence, much to the chagrin of her son Danny, a.k.a. Eros the God of Erotic Love. The Valentines attempt to spark romance between a pair of soul-mates who have been long-time best friends.

  • Daddy's Home
    Grace's passionate affair with Ray grinds to a halt when her husband Ari, the god of war, returns home. Once there, Ari tries to convince Danny to leave the love business and come work for him. But Danny is preoccupied with his own plans to retrieve his love gun and get rid of the meddlesome Kate. As for the mortal world, a geeky perfume chemist named Morgan pines after his soul mate Nisha. The gods must bridge the cultural gap separating Morgan and Nisha to bring true love into their lives.

  • Act Naturally
    Tucker Blumsack runs a struggling theater in Los Angeles. His world is turned upside down when celebutante movie star Vivi Langdon crashes into his life... literally. Grace, Danny and Kate step in as Vivi's legal team, saving Vivi from jail time and assigning her to community service at Tuckers theater. But as it turns out, these soulmates won't get together without a fight. Tucker doesn't think the infamous party-girl is up to the challenge, and the thought of stage acting bores Vivi to tears. What's a modern day love god to do? Meanwhile, Phoebe's mistrust of the strange mortal woman who has entered their lives drives her to enlist Leo to help her break into Kate's apartment, hoping to find something that will confirm her suspicions.

  • The Book Of Love
    Former independent bookstore owners Xan Thompson and Peter Kirby have sold their souls to the corporate world. The daily grind has snuffed out their passion for books and each other. Grace sends Phoebe into the workplace to reignite the spark of passion between these two estranged lovers. Meanwhile, Ari arranges a secret meeting with Danny to warn him that mysterious forces are conspiring against the family. Ari needs Danny to convince Ray, the god of technology, to help his cause. But Ray doesn't trust Ari. He's also terrified that Ari might discover the affair Ray is having with Grace, Ari's wife.

  • Summer Nights
    Personal trainer Nick Cavatelli and nutritionist Summer Whelen trade lingering glances across the free weights and smoothie station at the gym, but Summer's too shy to share her feelings for Nick. Grace hires them both to work on her fitness regimen in the mansion, but things get complicated when Kate reveals that she and Nick have a past together. Meanwhile, Ari implores Danny to find his love gun, fearing for the safety of the family. Danny and Kate go in search of Grace's secret safe, but when Grace catches them, she refuses to believe Danny's motives are anything other than selfish.

  • Hound Dog
    Recently divorced movie reviewer, Mona McAllister and her beloved dog Clovis are new to the city. Mona's next-door-neighbor, Duncan may be an interesting romantic prospect, but Clovis seems intent on keeping the two apart. When the Oracle reveals to Phoebe that Clovis and Mona are true soul mates, Danny and Kate seek help from Aunt Circe, an ancient witch practiced in the art of metamorphosis. Meanwhile, Grace and Leo refuse to believe that Danny was assaulted in the mansion and Ari pays a threatening visit to Circe when he gets wind that the Adamantine blade will soon be arriving in Los Angeles.

  • She's Gone
    Childhood sweethearts Wendy and Matt are torn apart when she leaves for college and he stays behind to pursue a career as a pro baseball player. Grace and Leo offer Matt an unusual ride-share situation down to campus, and Danny, Kate and Phoebe crash a dorm party in order to bring the soul mates back together. Meanwhile, the gods are on edge about the disappearance of Aunt Circe, as Ari and Ray continue searching for the Adamantine Blade.

  • God Only Knows
    Hyper-organized wedding planner Sara and free-spirited Rabbi Jackie are soul mates who haven't seen one another in a decade. To bring the two back together, Grace must plan a wedding on the grounds of the mansion, with Kate and Danny posing as the bride and groom. Meanwhile, Ray attempts to return the Adamantine Blade to Hades, but is instead confronted by a mysterious Egyptian woman who has designs on both he and Ari.
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