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Welcome To Sweden EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Day One/Valkommen
    Bruce and Emma are the perfect couple and when Emma decides to move back to her native Sweden to accept a prestigious job, Bruce gives up his job as a celebrity accountant to join her and begin a new life together. But with no job, friends or real clue as to what he is getting himself into, Bruce must deal with the many unique challenges and culture clashes that living in a foreign land presents. Most notably, how to win over Emma's strange and very Swedish family, which includes her parents, Viveka and Birger

  • Learn The Language/Spraket
    Bruce and Emma work to adapt to Swedish life together, but have trouble finding alone time while living under her parent's roof. Elsewhere, Bruce takes a language class in an effort to learn the language and in the process, strikes up a surprising friendship with Hassan, an Iraqi immigrant. Meanwhile, Will Ferrell, a former client of Bruce's, finds himself in Sweden and drops by, but Bruce senses that Will has self-serving intentions as the reason for the visit.

  • Proving Love/Lagenhet
    Bruce and Emma move into an apartment in Stockholm and Bruce tries his best to introduce himself to the neighbors. Meanwhile, the couple is forced to prove their relationship at the immigration office, but the interviews don't go quite as planned. Elsewhere, Emma suspects one of Bruce's former clients, Aubrey Plaza, may be stalking him, while another, Amy Poehler, is in desperate need of his professional assistance.

  • Get A Job/Farthinder
    Feeling uncomfortable that he is being supported by Emma, and hearing about it from from Emma's mom Viveka, Bruce looks for work in Sweden and lands a job that doesn't quite match with his skill set. Meanwhile, he starts to feel left out when Emma begins to make plans without him. Elsewhere, Hassan helps teach Bruce to drive, while one of Bruce's former clients, Gene Simmons, tracks him down in an effort to clear problems he is having with the IRS.

  • Fitting In/Vanner
    Language difficulties pose a barrier between Bruce and Emma's friends, prompting her to question whether he is doing everything he can to fit in. Elsewhere, Bruce attempts to spend some quality time with Viveka in an attempt to win her over, while his friendship with Hassan takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Bruce receives some surprising news from his parents, Wayne and Nancy.

  • Parents!/Foraldrar
    Bruce's parents visit, leading to a culture clash with Emma's parents. Meanwhile, Bruce tries to prove that moving to Sweden was a good idea, and Emma shares big news.

  • Homesick/Lagom
    Bruce and Emma have to make a decision after he receives an offer from Amy Poehler, one of his former clients, to come back to New York to help her with her current financial problems with the IRS which have taken root since he left. To help ensure he returns, Amy dispatches Aubrey Plaza to stalk Bruce and help get him back to the states. Meanwhile, Bruce decides to take a stab at working as a Swedish celebrity money manager and Emma uses her connections to get him in front of the right people.

  • Separate Lives/Saknad
    Bruce returns to the United States to help out his former client, Amy Poehler, who is in desperate need of his aid in resolving her financial issues. Back in Sweden, Emma remains unsure of where her relationship with Bruce stands, and has difficulties dealing with her ex-boyfriend Marcus who has resurfaced after being away. Meanwhile, Viveka yearns to recapture her youth and spends a girls night out on the town with Emma, but things don't go quite as planned.

  • Home/Aterforening
    After a night out, Bruce finds himself in a compromising position with Aubrey Plaza. Emma and Gustav do their best to reunite their parents Viveka and Birger. Meanwhile, Bruce runs into obstacles, including Amy who has her own agenda in his quest to return to Sweden.
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