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Whiz KidsWhiz Kids premiered on CBS on April 28, 20079, 1983.

Richie Adler
Matthew Laborteaux
Lew Farley
Max Gail
Hamilton Parker
Todd Porter
Alice Tyler
Andrea Elson
Jeremy Saldino
Jeffrey Jacquet
Carson Marsh
Dan O'Herlihy
Cheryl Adler
Melanie Gaffin
Season 1 (1983-1984)
18 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Fatal Error (Original Air Date 10/19/1983)
  2. Candidate For Murder (Original Air Date 10/19/1983)
  3. A Chip Off The Old Block (Original Air Date 10/19/1983)
  4. Deadly Access (Original Air Date 10/26/1983)
  5. Airwave Anarchy (Original Air Date 11/16/1983)
  6. The Network (Original Air Date 11/16/1983)
  7. Return Of The Big Rocker (Original Air Date 11/23/1983)
  8. The Wrong Mr. Wright (Original Air Date 11/30/1983)
  9. Red Star Rising (Original Air Date 12/21/1983)
  10. Watch Out! (Original Air Date 1/14/1984)
  11. Maid In The USA (Original Air Date 1/14/1984)
  12. Amen To Amen-Re (Original Air Date 1/28/1984)
  13. Programmed For Murder (Original Air Date 2/25/1984)
  14. The Lollypop Gang Strikes Back (Original Air Date 2/25/1984)
  15. The Sufi Project (Original Air Date 3/17/1984)
  16. Father's Day (Original Air Date 4/21/1984)
  17. Altaira (Original Air Date 4/28/1984)
  18. May I Take Your Order Please? (Original Air Date 6/2/1984)
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