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Wonders Of The Solar System EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Empire Of The Sun
    The Sun rules over a vast empire of worlds. For five billion years, our Solar System's vibrant, beating heart has fused hydrogen into helium, powering our planet's complex systems. Without its abundant energy, life as we know it would not exist. When it dies, it will truly be the end of us all.

  • Order Out Of Chaos
    Saturn's iconic rings are one of the most recognizable features of our Solar System. Scientists now believe the delicate bands of ice may also hold the key to understanding our own humble origins. Could our celestial neighbors have really emerged from a collapsing cloud of swirling dust?

  • The Thin Blue Line
    A thin blue line separates us from the harsh vacuum of space. Our planet's atmosphere provides the air that we breathe, the water that we drink and the lanDISCape that surrounds us - but it's not unique. Well beyond the inner Solar System, we've discovered a frozen moon that looks a lot like home.

  • Dead Or Alive
    The universal forces of nature that keep our planet alive also wreak devastation across the Solar System. They bridge the depths of space, transforming static worlds into palaces of everlasting youth and creating intense heat sources that power one of the most spectacular sights in the Solar System.

  • Aliens
    Are we alone in the universe? It's one of the greatest scientific questions we may one day be able to answer. We'll investigate by searching for life forms in some of our planet's most hostile environments and scouring the Solar System for worlds that harbor the necessary conditions to support life.
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